Best of Our Cannabis Industry Podcast Episodes, Part 1 (ep 74)

Sep 5, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 74 | Best of Our Cannabis Industry Podcast Episodes, Part 1 | Episode Link URL – | Listen to some of the best of our cannabis industry podcast episodes in one great place!
Cannabis Culture
Cannabis Culture
Best of Our Cannabis Industry Podcast Episodes, Part 1 (ep 74)

The best of our cannabis industry podcast episodes, all in one place!

Call it sweatin’ to the oldies, repurposing some great content, or just making life easier for listeners, we don’t care.  We’ve compiled excerpts from the best of our cannabis industry podcast episodes and pulled them together into a new, single episode.

Let’s take a quick look at what we are recapping this week, in The Best of the Cannabis Industry Podcast Episodes, Part 1.  We’ll be producing more episodes over the coming months, showcasing the best outtakes and segments from our collection of cannabis industry podcast episodes.

Marketing and advertising in the industry

First up, we take a look at the very first topic we covered in our cannabis industry podcast – Episode 12, Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Service Marketing – this was the episode that started it all.  We looked at how many states had some sort of provision for legal cannabis and realized that we have a compliant advertising and marketing product that is easily compatible with the state legal cannabis industry.

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Solving issues such as age appropriate materials display, geo-graphical or proximity limited advertising, and supplying the required consumer information and warnings was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how well mobile wallets pair with state legal cannabis education and promotion.

Trade shows, travel budgets and conference costs

Then we segue into Episode 21, The ROI of Attending State Legal Cannabis Networking Events.  This cannabis industry podcast was the first to broach the topic of whether or not companies in the state legal industry should support trade shows and conferences based on ROI.

Whether it’s forking out for booth space, doing a bag drop or sending a bunch of employees to an out of state show, where do you draw the line, how do you make the calculations and what’s the average long tail time to really know if there’s any recoupment of costs incurred?

Get them on their feet and moving in the right direction

The last segment of our cannabis industry podcast that we’re covering in the “best of” series this week is the use of mobile wallet campaigns, lock screen notifications and leveraging segmented groups as a means of improving advocacy across the industry.

It’s hard enough to herd the cats, err, to get a bunch of cannabis friendly people to agree on how and why the laws should be written going forward, much less trying to motivate them to all move in the same direction at the same time.

Using lock screen notifications is one of the simplest, most cost effective, and easy ways to segment and target your advocate groups based on whatever criteria you determine to be important.  We talk about the response rates to lock screen messaging versus other types of messaging such as email, SMS, etc, and we run through all the reasons that adding an effective mobile component to your advocacy platform can mean the difference in success or failure (we’re still looking at you, Arizona!) in a tightly contested election.


So grab your earbuds and get ready to relax with the latest cannabis industry podcast episode from Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy!