The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing

The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing (ep 107)

Jan 15, 2020

Show Notes | Episode 107 | The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing | Episode Link URL – | Welcome to our first new episode of the new decade! Today we are talking about successfully using influencer marketing, and how you can help protect yourself from fraud if you choose to participate.
The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing (ep 107)

Influencer marketing is today’s topic and we have a lot to say!

If you’re not familiar with how influencer marketing works or how it can go so wrong – both financially and from a reputation standpoint, then you definitely need to stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and listen to the first new episode of this decade for us!

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We are talking about how SMBs set out to use influencer marketing with the best of intentions, only to find that sometimes that’s not really the way the story ends.  Whether it’s a deliberate fraudster going to jail over a Bahamian music festival gone awry, or the FTC coming calling to find out why posts and tweets haven’t been properly disclosed, if you’re considering using social media influencers – or if you already do – for part or most of your marketing and advertising efforts, there are things you need to know.

It’s not like this is the first time.

Over the past several years, the FTC has released numerous guidelines for affiliates – those who market products and services for others in exchange for money after the transaction occurs.  But in the case of influencer marketing, there does not have to be a consumer facing transaction – the post itself constitutes the exchange of money for an action.

Influencer marketing can be a very powerful part of nearly any campaign, but there are red flags and warning signs, as well as basic research that you or your marketing team need to be aware of before you start signing contracts and making deals for posts or tweets or similar services.

We’re talking about a few checks you need to run before you contract with any influencer, as well as giving up some telltales you should be on the eye out for when trying to make sense of your engagement and reach results.

As always, you can talk to us about the episode dropping us an email, and if you’re interested in being interviewed in the upcoming year, let’s talk about that as well.  We are going to be adding a few things and changing some others in the coming weeks, and we are delighted to talk about nearly anything relevant!


Grab your earbuds and get ready to learn a few things about the dark side of influencer marketing!