Maker Podcasts - Favorites for Artists & Creatives

Favorite Maker Podcasts for Artists & Creatives (ep 98)

Sep 11, 2019

Show Notes | Episode 98 | Favorite Podcasts for Makers, Artists & Creatives | Episode Link URL – | Tune in to the latest episode as we detail our favorite podcasts for makers, artists, and creatives! Find out why we like them and what's so great about them.
Maker Podcasts - Favorites for Artists & Creatives
Favorite Maker Podcasts for Artists & Creatives (ep 98)

Makers, artists, creatives – this episode is designed for you!

We’ve combed through our subscriptions and playlists and pulled out a few maker podcasts that we really like – series and episodes that focus on artists, and creatives.  You know, the kind of people who really love to make things – all kinds of things.  The sort of finished products that you find on Etsy, Artsy, and a ton of other e-commerce sites.

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Whether you are an artist, a craftsperson, or a designer, if you are any of these things, then you are one of the makers in our book!  We have a great appreciation for those who can take ideas and turn them into concrete (or paint, or fiber, or metal, or cake…) pieces of work, and then have the cojones to put that work out for the entire world to see and judge.

What happens when art smashes headlong into tech?

The era of too much technology has created a very strange intersection of technology and old fashioned physical labor.  It’s nearly impossible to sell your creations unless you use technology – in the form of social media, search engines, online e-commerce platforms, and so on – which means that makers are automatically going to have to be marketers; it’s few and far between that have dedicated PR departments or gallery representatives when you look at the entire number of people who are out there creating things on a daily basis.

And there are so many style specific platforms out there now –

  • Digital Art & Design – Behance, Dribble, Artsy
  • e-Commerce for makers and recyclers – Etsy, eBay (still the king), 1st Dibs
  • e-Commerce for artists – Pixels, LevelPress
  • e-Commerce for designers – Society 6, PrintedMint

This is by NO means a complete list, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We could seriously do an entire podcast episode about the rise of Depop (don’t feel bad if you are over the age of 25 and don’t know a thing about it yet) and how young people are becoming e-commerce entrepreneurs before they’ve graduated from high school.

Our list includes maker podcast series that are focused on design – digital and physical, music, the recycle/upcycle movement (again, we’ll tackle this Depop thing later in the year), and art, particularly the super hot illustration movement that’s taking over the web right now.

Last but certainly not least

We will close out with some of our own thoughts about translating the creative energy and process that makers use to produce into marketing at a higher, more efficient level.  After all, if you spend all your time marketing, you don’t have any time left over for making, and that would be a shame.  But art supplies and musical instruments aren’t free – at least not the good ones, not that we’ve seen – so the bills have to get paid one way or another.

The Maker’s Soundtrack: What Makes Great Maker Podcasts?

In the vast world of podcasts, maker podcasts carve out a unique niche, catering to the ever-growing DIY and creative enthusiast community. But what separates good maker podcasts from the background noise? Here’s a deep dive into the ingredients that make a compelling maker podcast and the factors listeners consider when choosing their favorites.

Content is King: Variety and Depth

  • Project Inspiration: Good maker podcasts offer a constant stream of project inspiration, catering to a range of skill levels. Detailed explanations, breakdowns of materials and techniques, and discussions on design considerations are key.
  • Process Focus: Listeners aren’t just interested in the end result; they want to hear about the journey. Maker podcasts that delve into the creative process, including challenges overcome and lessons learned, resonate with makers.
  • Guest Stars and Interviews: Inviting expert makers, industry professionals, and DIY celebrities can broaden the podcast’s scope and offer fresh perspectives. Listener interaction through Q&A sessions or call-in segments adds another layer of engagement.

Hosts Matter: Passion, Knowledge, and Personalities

  • Genuine Enthusiasm: A good maker podcast’s host is passionate about making and DIY culture. Their infectious enthusiasm is what draws listeners in and keeps them engaged.
  • Deep Maker Knowledge: Hosts should have a solid foundation in various maker disciplines, allowing them to provide insightful commentary and answer listener questions with expertise.
  • Compelling Personalities: Beyond knowledge, a good host needs to be engaging and relatable. Whether it’s humor, banter, or storytelling, their personality should shine through, fostering a connection with the audience.

Production Polish: Quality Makes a Difference

  • Clear Audio: Good sound quality is essential for maker podcasts. Clear audio ensures listeners can hear every detail, from project instructions to nuanced discussions.
  • Engaging Editing: Seamless editing keeps the podcast flowing, removing dead air and adding intro/outro segments, background music, or sound effects to enhance the listening experience.
  • Show Notes and Resources: Providing show notes with links to mentioned materials, tools, or guest websites allows listeners to delve deeper into the topics discussed.

How Listeners Choose Their Maker Podcasts:

  • Topic Focus: Listeners often gravitate towards podcasts that align with their specific maker interests, whether it’s woodworking, electronics tinkering, or 3D printing.
  • Host Connection: The host’s personality and delivery style play a major role. Listeners seek hosts they find engaging, informative, and inspiring.
  • Production Quality: Clear audio, professional editing, and well-structured content all contribute to a polished listening experience that listeners value.
  • Community and Reviews: Recommendations from fellow makers, positive reviews online, and active social media communities surrounding the podcast indicate a strong, engaged audience, influencing listener choice.

The Final Note:

A good maker podcast is more than just a list of instructions; it’s a source of inspiration, a learning platform, and a virtual community for enthusiasts. By focusing on quality content, engaging hosts, and professional presentation, maker podcasts can carve out a loyal following and empower listeners to bring their creative ideas to life. So, the next time you’re looking to fuel your maker spirit, dive into the world of these podcasts and discover a treasure trove of inspiration and information to guide you on your next DIY adventure.

Grab your earbuds and take a load off with us while we talk about our favorite podcasts for makers, creatives, and artists!


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