Retail Challenges, the “Best of” Episodes – (Ep 106)
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy

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Let’s face it, friends, retail is some really hard work.

Happy new year, happy new decade!  We’re here to talk about some of the best mobile strategies in retail marketing today.  We’ve pulled clips from three of our best, most listened-to episodes, and have created a mini-course in the fundamentals of mobile advertising for the best results.

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Whether you have a grocery, a shoe store, a hair salon (ok, that’s kind of service industry but still qualifies as retail industry in our book), or some other public facing, individual consumer type of business, this episode is designed to give you an overview of how you can use mobile to your advantage and really see results.

As we wind down from a holiday season that might not be as good as you had hoped, making your plans for the new year and getting that strong follow through beginning this week is a key to having a strong showing for 2020.

Mistakes, challenges, disasters…  retail is full of them

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It’s pretty easy to get into a bad situation in your operation, all it really takes is one flubbed order and you can find yourself with tons of unsold – and unsellable – inventory.  You could lose control of labor costs, you could forget that you had quarterly taxes to pay (not everyone has a dedicated accountant, we know!), or who knows what kind of unintended consequence could knock you off your game plan.  It happens.  All the darn time.

The shoppers journey can occasionally be a really challenging one, and we often fail to recognize when we have a good foundation to build upon – especially if it’s an unfamiliar component like mobile advertising.   We’ve pulled clips from three of our favorite episodes to help you understand the concepts and learn to implement campaigns for great results.

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This episode is a fantastic, fact and fun filled way to get your toes wet; you’ll likely want to listen to more of the archives after this, especially if your retail business isn’t doing as well as you want it to at the moment.


So grab your headphones and a hot cuppa, and get down to business with this compilation episode!