5G - The Good, the Bad, and the Privacy Issues

5G – The Good, the Bad, and the Privacy Issues (ep 109)

Feb 12, 2020

Show Notes | Episode 109 | 5G - The Good, the Bad, and the Privacy Issues | Episode Link URL – https://dominoresearch.com/podcast/5g-good-bad-privacy-issues | The imminent arrival of 5G internet connectivity is being heralded as a game changer for many industries. Will your privacy survive though?
5G - The Good, the Bad, and the Privacy Issues (ep 109)

We are talking 5G on this weeks episode of the podcast!

Welcome to the show (virtually) and here’s a quick rundown of today’s topic – as you likely know, 5G is coming to an internet near you, and it’s being touted as the way the world is really going to change.  It’s being billed as a way to ramp up IoT (internet of things), bump up connection speeds, and create an overall Jetson style experience for everyone who gets in on it.

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Is this reality or just hype?  Is it possible that 5G can actually bring so much more connectivity to our lives that we will start living in the world depicted by science fiction writers in the 1950s?  Are we looking at autonomous flying cars that will whisk us from place to place, while we watch movies from our personal cloud during the trip?

Or is it a more likely possibility that our data, our personal information, all the things we think we own, that these will be exposed to more and more third parties, whether or not they are really relevant to the services they will be providing?

Hey, you!  Get off of my cloud!

There are already plenty of rumblings about Huawei and other 5G service and hardware providers, and the US government has been working diligently in an attempt to block some of these companies from being awarded contracts in the US, the EU, and other locations.

Next on the episode, we’re going to touch on the potential health issues that 5G transmissions could potentially bring to the party.  There are plenty of people – and at least one city – that feel strongly enough about the potential health risks from 5G that the technology has been banned from use.

That’s countered by those who argue that the technology is going to enable major advancements in the technical fields like remote surgery or medical diagnosis, so-called smart cities, and other beneficial technology for the masses.


So grab your earbuds and connect with us, while we are talking about the good, the bad, and the privacy issues inherent to the new technology known as 5G!