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“Best of” series – Best Online Coaching Episodes (ep 93)

Jul 3, 2019

Show Notes | Episode 93 | "Best of" Series - Online Coaching and Courses, part 1 | Episode Link URL – | We're back with another "best of" series - this time it's Online Coaching episodes. Listen to highlights from prior episodes to find out what really works.
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy
"Best of" series - Best Online Coaching Episodes (ep 93)

Hear selected clips from some of our best online coaching episodes.

We’re back this week with another in our “Best of” series that we started last summer, and we’re featuring online coaching episodes.  During the dog days when vacations and family time take precedent over almost everything else, we try to make it super easy for you, at least as far as listening to our podcast episodes are concerned.

[LISTEN: “Best of” real estate marketing episodes – PODCAST EPISODE]

Last year we decided to produce the “best of” series – we take clips from our most popular episodes, group by content type, and then we package them in one fresh episode.  We’ve cleared out the chatter, the deadwood and so on, leaving you with the most actionable content we produce.

This time we’re focused on our online coaching episodes, and we pulled three very popular episodes and picked our favorite parts for the new build.   Here are the highlights that we’ve selected for the latest in the series –

First on deck this time, Episode 18 – Online Coaching + Mobile Wallet = Maximum Engagement

Dating back to 2016, we wondered if this online coaching episode might be stale, but when we listened to the entire thing again, we were amazed at how relevant the content is, and how all these thoughts and ideas absolutely still apply to successful online coaches and course directors.

If you’re just starting out or you don’t have thousands of students knocking your door down yet, then you’ll for sure want to take a close listen to this snippet in the online coaching episodes series, and you might even want to go back and listen to the entire original episode.  Oldie but goodie and all that stuff.

In the second spot, we’ve got episode 47 – Better Coaching by Using Mobile Notifications

In this popular online coaching episode we’re talking about how successful coaches get organized and stay organized; we’re also giving you a run through of how smart marketers sort and organize by a variety of demographic selections, and how you can tailor your marketing campaigns and outreach via mobile by using a simple structure.

Running specific campaigns to each of your demographics is simple if you’re set up correctly from the start; we deal with that process in this online coaching episode as well.

Last but not least, episode 75 – Life Coaches See Engagement Via Mobile Notifications

So many of our successful clients have found that using mobile notifications can greatly increase overall engagement, which leads to better ROI and a much more satisfying analysis of how your marketing and advertising dollars are being spent.

Some of our favorite life coaches have told us time and again that using mobile as a means to communicate and engage with clients (and prospective clients) is the most effective and most productive means they have when it comes to ROI.


So grab your headphones, sit back in the cool, and listen to the best of online coaching episodes right now!