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We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, and excel at providing both world class service and world class results.  We offer guidance through the creative process, including in-house data analysis designed to enable more efficient development of marketing, distribution and monetization strategies.  After launch, we work with our clients to further customize and expand product offerings to meet the expectations of end users.

UI development and creation, revenue maximization through increased engagement, long tail retention and streamlined UX are central to our approach.


Our team has experience spanning a wide variety of practice areas, such as internet, mobile, and satellite communications technology, along with systems architecture and deployment.

Project deployments tailored to each clients unique set of goals and expectations.  Efficient data analysis coupled with the employment of emerging technologies. A perspective that is fresh and up to date, while backed with the technological and marketing knowledge required to deliver the best results for each client.


We offer a variety of services, including pre-paid hourly packages that fit into the budget of small to midsize developers.   For enterprise scaling and deployment, we are happy to customize schedules and rates to meet a clients needs.

Public or private speaking for trade shows, conferences or annual meetings.  Panel moderation and participation, Q&A development and hosting, topic development, streamlined group or webinar presentations.  Collated research, white papers, thought leadership materials and creatives/collateral are also available.

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