Competitors that are using mobile advertising are able to keep customers and gain prospects. They use mobile ads without building an app to keep both their ad spend and audience reach on target with a mobile experience.  



Whats the real purpose of using mobile?




Mobile is where people are looking, its a super convenient way for people to consume using mobile. More than half of all online browsing, email reading, video and podcast consumption are done on a mobile device, especially in the 35 and under demographics.

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Developing a mobile marketing strategy is essential today. Keeping your ad spend on track is now easy with a mobile wallet campaign. Using mobile updates is part of any company developing their mobile marketing strategy.

Here are 3 main reasons to start using mobile ads to stay ahead of your competitors:

Easy and convenient messaging 

Reach people faster and more effectively with lock screen notifications. People look at their lock screen over 80 times a day. 

Crafting a good ad or marketing message

Simple message on the front, simple links and headline on the back. The collateral used for your blog, email or social media titles works as your mobile message. Just like them, use compelling copy to get your click through rate (CTR) up and keep it there.

Add the pass to grow and build on mobile

Mobile ads work by growing your following just as you would your email list or followers on social media campaigns, there’s no rocket science behind it. Its simple to relay the short URL or to add the QR code to all of your marketing.

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A mobile pass gets results: (here’s ours)

Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy Podcast Mobile Updates

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A mobile pass integrates easily to drive your content, contact points (CTAs) and share features all in one place on the back of the pass. You can share the pass phone to phone or through email integration.

Mobile ads work by adding the pass using an URL or QR code on all digital collateral and printed material to further engage with you followers on mobile to provide a better mobile experience. 

Using mobile advertising keep your ahead of your competitors and solves problems by extending your reach and engaging with customers using mobile updates. These are messages are crafted to be effective part of your mobile wallet campaign while keeping your ad spend intact.