Why do you want to be seen on mobile?

Because that is where everyone is looking! 

You want promote your business with mobile.


Posting on social media only takes your marketing efforts so far


Banner ads on apps is a money drain and time consuming 


Where do you go next with Mobile maybe build an app and promote it?


Apps don’t work…

Not for what you want them to do.

Which is

To engage with customers about your product or service.  An app will not get you exposure to your loyal followers as easy or costly way. 

There is a mobile platform that will keep your ad spend on target while engaging further on mobile its with mobile wallet marketing.

[PODCAST 28: Listen to Part 2 of Mobile Wallet Marketing vs Mobile App Marketing]

Where do you go from here?

Be discovered on mobile and make an impacting by engaging with your loyal base using a mobile market strategy that includes a mobile wallet pass inside of mobile wallets, like Apple Wallet. 


There’s not a lot of options out there for a small to mediums size business (SMBs) to promote themselves on a mobile platform that keep within common sense and stay on budget.

Mobile wallet marketing is your answer.

In a previous article regarding The Shoppers Journey we explore the customer experience using mobile marketing strategies that work with businesses like yours.


Mobile wallet passes are smart. The latest technologies are used – right in the palm of your hand – on the lock screen.

They are location and proximity aware. 

Mobile wallet campaigns that are location based create better mobile experiences for your client


Mobile wallet passes know what to do and when to do them.

Here’s a recent mobile update of our podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy using Mobile Wallet Marketers’ Podcast Marketer pass. 


This is unobtrusive way to notify your loyal users on your next promotion and be seen. Mobile users check their phones approximately 80 times a day.

Thats right!

Be seen where they are looking on mobile, all without an app. Keep your ad spend on target because mobile ads work!

What is this crap? Kim Stuart has her take on it.

She goes on a wonderful rant about not using apps to shape and brand your business – instead she discusses ways mobile wallet marketing works.

A mobile marketing strategy makes sense. Move your business forward – be able to compete effectively with mobile wallet marketing. Promote and engage with your loyal base using mobile updates that are seen right on the lock screen. – Be Mobilized!