Trade show hosts and event producers tend to lead very busy lives, especially around show time.

While we try to do everything possible to enable simple setup and use with our platform, we do tend to get questions – the same set of questions, it seems – from a number of already stressed out, looking for simple answers, trade show hosts and producers, especially as the event draws near.

[LISTEN: Trade Show Hosts + Event Producers: The Q&A Episode – PODCAST EPISODE]

In the latest podcast episode, we’ve taken the nine most popular questions, broken down the answers, and provided some extended thinking on how to make parts of the platform perform in order to create a more interactive experience for attendees, vendors, speakers, sponsors and volunteers or employees.

We realize that not everyone reads the blog or pay much attention to the documentation on the site (shame on you, lol!), and when things get busy and the time is zipping by, most people don’t have time to go back and search for answers.

The platform isn’t rocket science, but it’s nice to have good support, especially if it’s your first event.

Most of the questions we get are technical in nature, and a lot of the answers depend on how the account was originally set up.  We offer some tips and tricks for basic setup of the mobile wallet passes and lock screen notifications that will help you understand the big picture while still being able to fill in all the details when it’s go time.

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You can work with the platform at a variety of levels, from basic to exceptionally organized – that’s up to you.  We’ll be giving you the overview of how to set up the proximity notifications, talking about how often you should message before, during and after the show for maximum interaction and effectiveness, and explaining exactly how to speak to sponsors and vendors about the technology you’re using in order to close the maximum value on sponsor deals.

We’re also walking through attendee awareness of the platform and how to incorporate it from day one, how to manage real time updates and what you can reasonably expect as far as lock screen notification response and best practices.  This is something that trade show hosts should understand well in advance of selling the first ticket to an upcoming event.

We’ll also teach you how to market your next event by leveraging your last event via the platform.  This is a feature that most of our trade show hosts would pay double to use!

Head over and check out the latest podcast episode!