Trade Show & Event Producers: Question & Answer Session (ep 63)

Apr 4, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 63 | Q & A with Trade Show and Events Producers Using Mobile Ep 63 | Episode Link URL – | On this episode, we've compiled a list of common questions from clients about using mobile wallets to produce a more successful, more profitable event.
Events Marketing
Events Marketing
Trade Show & Event Producers: Question & Answer Session (ep 63)

Trade show and event producers are some of our best clients.

The industry is a natural fit for the mobile wallet marketing, advertising and on-site management capacities offered by the platform; the two were almost made for each other.  Event producers find that they can create more interactivity and engagement with attendees through their use.

But we still get a number of questions from clients, and even though we’ve done our best to address as much as we can in the documentation and supporting blog entries, podcasts, and so on, we thought it was time to sort through the list.

[LISTEN: Using the Mobile Wallet at Trade Shows and Events – PODCAST EPISODE]

We’ve pulled the most common questions and we’re going to address them, in detail, on this episode of the podcast.  If you aren’t a trade show or conference host, you’ll probably still want to have a listen – there is a lot of cross industry application here, and you might also come away with some new ideas for using the mobile wallet platform in your own business.

There is no single “right” way to use the mobile wallet platform at your event.

Every event is different, and you may have unique situations with the venue, with the type of presentations you’re offering, maybe you have booths, maybe you only have meeting rooms.  Perhaps you have a lot of social activities or off-premise field trips on the agenda; each of these circumstances will make your event different than the next client.

There are some common features that the mobile wallet platform offers, each of which is designed to make your life easier, make your event flow more smoothly, and to enable to you to be on top of notifying everyone when there are changes to location or timing, and to do it in a manner that conveys the details at the granular or broad level that suits the situation.

We’ve compiled a list of the nine most frequently asked questions, and in addition to the simple answers, we’re expanding on how and why you might want to take an out of the box approach sometimes, and how the platform allow that to happen seamlessly.


So grab your headphones, get settled in and let’s get on with this week’s podcast episode!