We could not let summer go by without recognizing Emoji Day. Especially since we work with emojis on many ad copies – of course its cause for celebration.

And with the celebration comes some actionable marketing ways that we use emoji’s to serve up sparkling communication that gets noticed.

Brands turn to mobile to get their message across as mobile is a direct link to practically everyone nowadays. And no better than to convey feelings and share with those that are connected and continue to grow an audience in a meaningful way – using emojis.

When emojis are used in the right way with mobile messaging – it enhances storytelling. Its a versatile abilities make it marketers dream to use in all marketing channels as blog post, mobile messaging, emails – there’s nothing an emoji can’t improve.

For those, even with a simple email address, to use emojis in communications stands out as they are eye catching. There’s nothing more than warms a marketers heart than seeing a jolt for attention using notifications. There’s a symbiotic relationship between emojis and mobile messaging that allows

Emojis do all that and here are some emoji strategies that are used in sparkling mobile ad campaigns.

The most effective notifications, seen on a lock screen are delivered 36% more times effective with emojis and are between 21-40 characters long.  Too short a notification length and risk not being read at all by 50%.

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That’s a great little secret that marketers don’t want to let you in on and here’s another one that works with mobile messaging:

Sound notifications are just the start, emojis capture that glimpse that happens when you looking down at your phone, which is habit that occurs over 80 times a day.

A visual reassurance is all that’s needed – that emotion is conveyed, direct to your audience.

These are some of our recent lock screen notifications that openly directly to their mini-hub of information, the mobile pass.


Our emojis use is near the start of the notification to grab the user attention to engage.

Location based engagement is a terrific use of emojis. there’s nothing more useful that a helpful hand facilitating a reaction


 As 61% use emojis with internal company emails now, that’s how commonplace they are now.

Company’s that use emojis gets a thumbs up at work 👍🏽


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When they’re used at work, the intention gets across in a positive impact of sincerity,  rather than not using emojis. As more than half of emoji user are likely to engage with brands when using them and 64% more likely to open their messaging with an emoji than without one.

A study was done between social networks and emoji response which resulted in:

 human faces generate greater attentional orientation response, emoji faces increase the structural encoding processes, and human faces elicited greater arousal and attentional engagement.

 – ResearchGate.net

Take that, along with the fact that mobile messaging uses emojis direct to the lock screen and you’ll know competitors are already using mobile marketing strategies as actionable emoji marketing.

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