How Emoji’s on mobile wallet passes provide the trigger to take engagement to the next level.

This past July we celebrated World Emoji Day and with that arrived new metrics, analyzing the engagement effects on email open rates. 

We decided to create a new episode of our podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy to discuss the uses and increased engagement when using emojis with lock screen notifications.

At the same time, when at a conference in San Jose, CA, we did it again on my Digital Business Card and as usual, it made it easy to pass it from device to device and was amazed on the open rate it created when I did a mobile update with an average rate of 85%.




This mobile update uses one of the more popular emoji’s, a smiling face at the start of the sentence with a notification reminder of who I am and what I do, which reads:

EMOJI – I work with you to develop marketing strategies that engage and communicate



As instructed – SWIPE to open



Now  my Digital Business Card opens up to display the front of my mobile pass without having to unlock my iPhone, making it easy to inform prospects of who I am, company and a QR code making it easy to share the pass.


Find out more by tapping the “i” on the bottom right side of the pass with another smily emoji



When tapped, the pass moves to the back where all the features take place as social shares, quick bio links to my latest podcast and articles, along with Call -To – Actions to easily email or call me.


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Now thats just one of our products, our last episode update on our Podcast Marketer Pass, also used an emoji to let our listeners know of our latest podcast.

To mark off 70 episodes and with it being the slow summer weeks – we decided to do our first best-of episode, this one geared towards event and trade shows.

Here’a a notification on the lock screen of the first best-of podcast.






Notice the headphones emoji at the start of the mobile update that makes it relevant.



Simply SWIPE on the lock screen to open up the mobile pass which shows the headphone emoji on the front of the pass, right here:



not to mention how the amazing the emoji looks on the back of the pass with the listen link:





Now more than ever, emojis have become a huge part of high conversion engagement – people love emojis and they love them as part of push notification and are more likely to open an offer with it than without.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming episode where we go through emoji tips and learn which emojis are the most popular ones.

To have your notification show an emoji and open right to your mobile campaign and take the call to action, then contact us, we’ll be happy to take you through it.