Smartphones are companions to the savvy-shopper, advancing the shoppers journey into mobile space.

Today, a shoppers journey starts with research and ends with finding the best deals whether it be online or in-store, all by using a smartphone.

No matter the product or service, retailers or online purchases, mobile searches lead the way in a shoppers journey. As a brand or business, a mobile strategy lays the ground work for shoppers to easily notice you by dropping bread crumbs along the path with mobile updates. Notifications seen on the shopper’s lock screen, is memorable along their journey.

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Be the brand shoppers remember – engage them with mobile ads. 

If you are reading this blog in a public area, take a look down the street to notice that people are looking right at their mobile phones. Go ahead, look to the left, now the right  – all eyes are on mobile phones.

According to Deloitte, 76% of people who search on a mobile phone visit a business within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Lead them to you.

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Mobile plays a huge role in our daily lives. Make an impact with your brand with mobile ads inside a mobile wallet.  

Messages with mobile updates ignites the shopper’s journey to direct them to your brand.

Now is a prime opportunity for marketers to step into a mobile wallet pass. Win over your shoppers down their path by engaging them with mobile updates that are seen on the lock screen.

This digital touchpoint is an early opportunity to win over your shoppers to come to you and not your competition. 

Engage shoppers to share their experiences through social media with launch links right on a mobile wallet pass. Launch Facebook, Twitter, any social media app from the back of the pass.

Provide the best offers that they would  not find on a coupon or deal site. Reward your shopper by giving them that something extra to sweetin the-deal to end the shopper’s journey with you!

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Just to review, a smartphone with a mobile wallet pass will enhance a shoppers journey.

A mobile ad on a pass provides any brand or business to walk the path alongside the shopper with:

  • mobile updates that are seen on the lock screen, keeping your brand’s message in front of the shopper
  • share with everyone. Tell your stories brand using launch links on the back of the pass, making it easy to share the shoppers journey using social media as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

  • mobile offers: seal the deal with the latest offers right on their smartphone, completing the sales cycle. Keep your shoppers path simple by giving them the latest offers on the pass, not the coupon or deal sites.

Its easy for any type of business to further brand awareness by embracing mobile first thinking.

Luckily, we are a call away and live and breath mobile wallet passes. Get in touch with us as we explore strategies to work with your business.  

Brands who use mobile ads assures the shopper’s journey will cross your path and not your competitors. For the right mobile strategy, talk to us.