Retailer’s Holiday Secret is Mobile Strategies

Smartphone habits have changed in the last few years as our mobile devices are increasingly becoming assistants to our everyday lives and are the ways we are using them. Think about how retailers lean towards mobile as a channel to get promotions across to their consumers. 

Whats changed when using mobile in our everyday lives is our shopping habits, note taking, photo taking and reminders, just to name a few, as it bridges the gap between online and offline experiences.

Consumers that use mobile devices are signaled with indicators as vibes and sounds to move us onto our next task of the day. Consumer’s crave their mobile devices -scanning the lock screen with their eyes over 80 times a day. It is a valuable piece of property that retailers-in-the-know how to exploit. 


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Retailers see the value rise in both revenue and loyalty of their consumers that comes with using a mobile wallet marketing strategy.


Many mobile users don’t find value in downloading an app for a single use coupon on timed-offer. Retailers who have spent their hard earned dollars on an app, are now realizing that its a uphill battle and there are other methods that are more cost-efficient in generating the same results without “being in the app business”.


It takes a lot to get a consumer to take his or her phone out in a retail environment…”

says Tobias Dengel CEO of WillowTree, an app designer and developer.

“So, there has to be real value.”

Retailers look for ways to offer a mobile experience in simple ways with mobile messaging that are notifications seen on the lock screen. These can be timed or location based that make it ideal to pick up additional foot traffic during the holiday season.


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Online holiday sales hit a record $108 billion, as one 85% of shoppers compare prices using mobile sites and evenly holiday purchases.


With that is retailer driving mobile engagement strategies earlier in the holiday sales cycle. There are marketing opportunities using out mobile notifications that serviced 64% this last cycle.

Consumers are more engaged as retailers seeing a rise in response to relevant promotions that increases their bottomline. Top department stores as Macy’s used mobile messages as a test campaign, to major part of their mobile strategy for last few years. Why? Because it works.


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Other retailer’s as Sephora which continue to be a gold standard with mobile campaign strategies, found that proximity messaging inside their stores increase the consumer ticket price meaning each transaction is higher than otherwise would be than without it, calling it indoor-mapping before checkout, with their active spenders.


In a nutshell, these mobile strategies are lining their pockets and making them more money. Now that you are in on the retailers secret, now is time to talk to us about mobile wallet marketing strategies, so when next year holiday season comes, your business is prepared for it using the techniques that these big-box retailer’s did.


Talk to us about moving forward with mobile strategy success for your business.