How can a realtor, broker or agent best generate solid leads in this technical age?

We’ve been spending a nice chunk of time working with some realtor clients on new mobile wallet campaigns designed to generate solid leads and help see those through to completed sales.  In the latest episode of our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, Hazel & Kim are talking through a couple of different scenarios and how agents and brokers can best use the technology.

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This episode about how to generate solid leads is designed for the real estate industry but applies equally to anyone who depends on lead generation in their business and might not understand how to classify prospects in advance of actually starting a campaign.

One of the more important keys to doing well with the mobile wallet ad campaigns is to identify and group your prospects so that you are providing relevant information to them each time you communicate and engage them via a mobile device (or any other method, for that matter).

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Not sure how to develop a campaign and generate solid leads with it?

No problem, you’re in the right place.  This weeks podcast episode provides two clear examples of how an agent or a broker would set up a campaign that centers around an open house; this initial setup leads to sorting out the qualified prospects from the “tire kickers” and treats each of the lead categories differently when the next engagement occurs.

Hazel continues to detail exactly how these prospects can be marketed to, after the initial contact at the open house, and what sort of notifications and content marketing is best optimized for each group.  She also goes into detail describing the variations on hot and cold prospects and how to manage them in your mobile ad campaign database.

Head over to the podcast and learn how to easily get started with mobile wallet campaigns to generate solid leads and walk them through the buying process to a successful closing.


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