Mobile Stats to Know – Understand Your Target Demographic (ep 68)

Jun 13, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 68 | Mobile Stats to Know | Episode Link URL – | Mobile is THE market mover today, and if you don't understand how to use it to your advantage, you are missing out on business. Understanding mobile stats is the first step.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Stats to Know - Understand Your Target Demographic (ep 68)

#MobileFirst is not just a hashtag.

Understanding mobile stats is a key to mastering the art of using mobile to make more money.

Mobile traffic is the key to success for nearly every business, although it’s one of the most misunderstood segments and target demographics out there.  Even if your business is brick and mortar, you still rely on mobile traffic – in the form of search results, mapped results, or mobile versions of review sites like Yelp, AirBNB or Zomato.

If you’re not clear on how or why mobile is such an important part of your overall business plan, then you won’t want to miss this episode.  We’re looking at a variety of mobile stats, breaking them down, and explaining them to you in a way that makes sense for you and your particular type of business.

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We are also going to take a look at where your particular business might best deploy dollars for marketing across the mobile spectrum.  It’s not the same for every business, and the type of target customer you are looking for will have a lot of influence on where you decide to create and deploy a mobile campaign for it to be effective.

Mobile stats can tell us a lot about our prospective customers.

After all, what works for someone who is an online coach is not necessarily, at least not often, the same as the best strategy for someone who owns a restaurant.  Or someone who is a professional concierge.  It’s critical to your results that you identify the most effective place to get results via mobile, and that you craft a campaign that will attract mobile users and push them towards your business instead of your competitors.

Last but not least, we’ll delve into the way that location and proximity can play a big part in your results – again, the ways you decide to best manage these options will depend on your particular business and goals.

We will close by talking about ‘mobilizing’ your rewards or loyalty program, in order to be more relevant and timely to your customers – no matter what type of business you operate.

So grab your headphones, shut the rest of the world down, and spend some time with us in the latest podcast episode!