Why Mobile Advertising Works – Part 2 (ep 42)

Jun 7, 2017

Show Notes | Episode 42 | Why Mobile Advertising Works, Part 2 | Episode Link URL - https://dominoresearch.com/podcast/mobile-advertising-works-part-2-episode-42 | We recently produced an episode called Why Mobile Advertising Works, and we found ourselves running out of time to get through the growing list of examples that detail how different businesses can use mobile to really make an impact on their bottom line. So we're back with Part 2 - and this time we're going to dissect a few more of the success stories and talk about the ideas that aren't "in your face selling" but are more customer-centric and get rave reviews from business owners and consumers alike.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Why Mobile Advertising Works - Part 2 (ep 42)

Here’s an update to our super popular episode “Why Mobile Advertising Works (ep 34)”.

Some episodes back, we started on an in depth discussion about how mobile advertising isn’t just something to think about but something you have to do, if you want to thrive in today’s marketplace.  Mobile advertising works  – it is so effective right now that not using them could be costing you much more business than you think.

[LISTEN: Part 1 (Episode 34) Why Mobile Ads Work – PODCAST]

We kind of ran out of time in the middle of talking about the success stories we have seen from businesses that are using mobile in creative and outside the box ways to provide a great customer experience.

Real stories about real businesses and how mobile advertising works for them.

These stories run the gamut from a group of local merchants who got together and started to cross promote each others businesses using iBeacon triggers in the different stores, all the way to a golf course that simplified the way that members ordered their lunch on the course and boosted per ticket sales by nearly double.

If you’re not familiar with how mobile wallet apps work, or why you can use them to cost effectively promote your business and boost sales, that’s ok.  It’s still a relatively new idea, only a couple of years old, and we realize that there are a ton of business owners who haven’t even figured out how to get their mobile strategy and campaigns started, much less know that this is one of the more simple and cheap ways to do it.

What kind of businesses find that mobile advertising works for them?

We’ve got a fairly good sized list of how a variety of businesses are successfully marketing and advertising on the cheap with mobile wallets.  If you aren’t sure whether or not a mobile wallet strategy is a good idea for you, as opposed to say, building your own app, we’ve got two older episodes – episodes 9 and 28 – that offer up two very detailed discussions about the differences in the two products and what you can look at as far as cost, life expectancy, maintenance and success rate, in side by side comparisons.  Check them out after this one if you haven’t already heard them.


Grab your coffee and your earbuds and dig in for the latest episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – Why Mobile Advertising Works – Part 2!