The Importance of Being Mobile (to Your Business) (ep 69)

Jun 27, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 69 | The Importance of Being Mobile (to Your Business) | Episode Link URL – | Having a strong mobile presence is a key factor to being successful today.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
The Importance of Being Mobile (to Your Business) (ep 69)

Being mobile in business means that you have at least one optimized for mobile component to your marketing.

It’s unlikely that we can stress enough how important being mobile is to the health of your business right now.  One of the main reasons you need to employ a mobile component in your marketing and advertising strategy is so that you have a means to control your message.

Once you have initiated engagement with customers, prospects, or referrals, it’s absolutely important that you have a way to continue to communicate with them effectively.  The most efficient, most cost effective way to do that currently is by using mobile devices to manage your communications.

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No matter how you initiate that contact – social media, in-store promotions, email campaigns, whatever, running your marketing and advertising campaigns through a hub that is mobile-centric will make your life so much easier.

Everyone uses mobile – even in developing countries where internet is at a premium; actually more so in those areas.  Desktops or laptops are expensive and not all that portable for most people, but a phone or even a tablet is an on the go way for people to make decisions and to plan how they’ll be spending their money in the near future.

Life is a series of funnels.

When you run a business, the life of your business, whether or not you realize it, is a series of funnels.  We’re not going to dive too deeply into the funnel process in this episode, we’ve covered that many times over, but qualifying your prospects, getting an existing customer to return or make another purchase, all of these actions boil down to how you sort and segregate your prospects and what kind of offers you show them that might entice them to do business with you again.

Having the right message at the right time is not just a matter of chance, it takes serious preparation and forethought to get it right and to reduce the amount of drag on the sales closing process.  Being mobile and making it an integral part of any sales or marketing funnel that you employ is one of the smartest options you can work to help close sales and generate more revenue per customer.

Loyalty, proximity, and geofencing engagement options make a difference.

One of the other great things about using mobile to support your core business is that you have the ability to target prospective customers based on numerous factors, including time, space and previous purchasing history.

Being mobile means using all the possible tools in your tool bag, and discovering which ones offer the most effective way to succeed at your business.


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