Proposed Canadian Cannabis Legislation – Adult Use Legalization (Ep 48)
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Welcome!  Today we’re discussing the proposed Canadian cannabis legislation.

Proposed Canadian cannabis legislation – try saying that quickly, lol – is set to make adult use legal in July of 2018.  What’s really on tap, is this going to work, will they be able to do it quickly enough to meet the proposed deadline?

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Following up on an article that Hazel wrote about the proposed Canadian cannabis legislation, we’re in today with a podcast episode to discuss the situation, and talk about the realities of getting this bill through the legislature, figuring out how to police it, and finding out whether or not the provinces can afford to resist or if they need to get onboard.

Hazel has a specific rundown of all of the moving parts in the proposal on the show today.

Canada has a bit more latitude in the countrywide attitude towards cannabis;  that’s not to say that everyone is going guns blazing into this adult legalization situation.  There are any number of groups that don’t like the idea of adult use legalization on moral grounds.

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But it looks like it’s going to happen.  This was one of Trudeau’s planks for his campaign to become the Canadian PM, and he appears to be taking it seriously and getting it out of the way at near light speed.

How will the US react to the new Canadian cannabis legislation?

As of this recording date, Sessions is still the AG, and it’s becoming more apparently almost daily that he’s got a bad case of reefer madness.  If he continues in his post, could the US decide to create hassles with Canadians coming into the country, US citizens coming back from Canada, or some other trade sanctions or PIA policies to “punish” Canada for going full tilt on adult use marijuana legalization?


Grab your cuppa, or, um, whatever makes you relax, and enjoy this weeks episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – Proposed Canadian Cannabis Legislation – –