Best Practices: Integrating Web + Mobile Marketing Campaign Elements (Ep 64)
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy

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Do you know the best practices for integrating web and mobile elements into a successful marketing campaign?

Let’s face it, most small business owners are not really sure how to market effectively online or on mobile, so it’s tough to know who is following the best practices for integrating web and mobile elements into a campaign; sorting and collating the results from integrated campaigns can take longer than analyzing data from a single source – making it doubly difficult to determine what is working and what is a waste of time and money.

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This podcast episode walks you through real examples – using our own sites – of what works and what does not when it comes to integrating mobile with your website and other online activities.  We’re showing you how to read the stats, how to figure out what does best in combination with what else – all of the basics that you may not understand yet, but will become super important over the next year as mobile continues to take over the internet.

What’s the best course of action you can take now in order to see immediate results with long tail bonus activity?

We are talking about where, when, how and why you can insert easy junctures between your web page and your mobile marketing efforts to get enhanced results and see more referrals, sales, add-ons, or whatever metric you are looking at to indicate the success of your mobile campaigns and how easily they can be tied to your online and website campaigns.

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The beauty of mobile campaigns that are tied to your website is that you can start out small and build on a single point or element.  You also have the option to start out at the macro level and work your way into more targeted campaigns from there if you prefer.

Mobile ad campaigns aren’t affected by social media companies changing their policies.

That’s right!  Once you have acquired an opt-in customer using a mobile platform, those customers belong to you – not to Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc – these are your leads, your prospects, your referrals and while customers can opt out – and some do – the percentage of opt outs is WAY LESS than that of email campaigns or other types of online advertising.

The power of the lock screen notification in marrying your online/web marketing with your mobile marketing and mobile ad campaigns is tremendous.  Update prospects, referrals, former customers, etc with targeted campaigns that are relevant to their interests in order to see the best conversion rates.

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