Online + Offline Marketing Integration via Mobile (ep 40)

May 12, 2017

Show Notes | Episode 40 | Online + Offline Marketing Integration via Mobile | Episode URL link - | Converting online prospects into offline customers using mobile to manage your offline marketing integration is super easy to do and doesn't cost much. Creating an omnichannel marketing strategy is as easy as using mobile wallet cards to link up your marketing efforts.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Online + Offline Marketing Integration via Mobile (ep 40)

Offline marketing integration can help feed your bottom line with very little extra effort on your part.

This weeks episode – Online + Offline Marketing Integration via Mobile – offers an in-depth case study of how a simple farmers market enterprise turned into an integrated marketing and sales operation that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the market.

Follow along as a small family farm learns to manage their online marketing to include offline marketing integration using mobile – enabling their customers to have a neat mobile experience that leads to increased sales, better inventory management and the ability to adapt to customer feedback almost instantly.

Inspire engagement with mobile.

Seasonal Lee has a way with people.  She’s also got a way with smart ideas like offline marketing integration when she sees how simple it is to drive sales to on-hand inventory, while engaging with customers to understand what products they would like to see going forward.

She ties it all together using mobile wallet passes and a single page website (that’s little more than a contact page).

Build reach offline.

One of the first tenets of offline marketing integration is building reach.  How can you do that economically and at scale?  Seasonal provides updated data for us about how her campaigns generate measurable results and what she’s learned from taking the time to create interesting marketing ideas that not only utilize her own products, but pair with those of her farmers market neighbors to encourage customers to create healthy meals in short order while staying on budget.

Use the share features of mobile wallet passes to garner new interest and customers.

One of the best ways for offline marketing integration is the Share feature, incorporated by Apple and other third party Android wallet developers.  Loyal customers share discount coupons, recipes, menu ideas, and social media promotions with their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, providing viral opportunities for user generated content to take center stage.


This week’s episode is a great way to hear about a real world example of how using mobile to manage online and offline marketing integration can be simple and effective!