This week we are looking at two new pieces of podcast technology, Google Podcasts App and Rhapsocord.

In the latest podcast episode, Hazel and Kim are breaking down two of the newest and most interesting bits of podcast technology to come along this year.  First up is Google Podcasts App, which might be a really ambitious new app from Google that will help them gain a larger listening audience in podcast land, or it might be a giant flop.  Hard to tell yet, and we’re not even sure they give a s**t.

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If that wasn’t enough to make you squirm in your seat, the Washington Post (talk about Amazon in sheeps’ clothing) has created and is currently testing a new, AI powered (yes, that’s artificial intelligence) means of identifying locations and then inserting dynamic ad content into those AI identified locations in a podcast.

That is some totally crazy stuff, and it’s giant leaps and bounds for podcast technology on both fronts (although we are more inclined to think the Amazon product is rip roaring while the Google product is maybe just a cut above mediocre) and should be helpful in boosting listener, subscriber and download numbers if these technologies are actually deployed and take off any kind of decent.

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Or perhaps Rhapsocord will knock the bottom out of the advertiser rates that we see currently in the market since advertisers will come to realize that they are no longer buying those ad spots in perpetuity, but just renting them for a pre-determined period (we hope there’s some transparency here, but who actually knows) of time when they sign on to advertise on a particular podcast series or podcast episodes.


With that said, grab your tasty beverage of choice, hook up the earbuds and dive right into the latest podcast episode where we talk about podcast technology updates and platforms!



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