No time to listen to the archives?  Check our our Best Podcasts episodes instead.

We’re launching our “Best Podcasts” series this week, and you’ll probably be happy to know that we’re doing your homework for you these days.

[LISTEN: Best of Events Podcasts, Part 1 – PODCAST EPISODE]

Whether you are focused on online coaching, events production, retail and service industry businesses, real estate marketing, or the state legal cannabis industry, sometimes it’s hard to find episodes in the archives that provide the answers to your questions.

What goes into making your event successful?

The first episode in our “Best Podcasts” series explores previous podcast episodes exploring the ways that your events, trade shows or conferences can leverage mobile wallets, lock screen notifications, location and proximity marketing, and time based advertising elements to create a better event.

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You’ll find out more about how to create and produce an outdoor event – what works and what doesn’t, how to organize your mobile lock screen notifications for maximum attendee benefit, ways you can leverage technology to convince vendors and sponsors to buy into your event at a higher dollar level, and much more.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of producing a successful event over the course of our podcast episodes, and now we’re making it even easier for you to figure out what specific items on your checklist should be mandatory if you want to get the best results and generate maximum revenue from your productions.

Start with the highlights and then check out the archives.

In this first episode in our “Best Podcasts” series, we pull from two incredibly successful podcast episodes – #32 (How to Demonstrate to Sponsors That They Want to Be Part of Your Show) and #46 (Using iBeacons at an Outdoor Event, What Really Worked) – to give you ideas, tips, and tricks that are designed to give you a head start on your competition.

Keep your eyes open for the next installment in the “Best Podcasts” series – we’ll be exploring the rest of our topics, ranging from marketing and advertising across many verticals, to becoming successful in the state legal cannabis industry.


Upcoming segments in the “Best Podcasts” series will include the best of state legal cannabis episodes, and the best of marketing episodes.