Best Events Podcasts, Check Out the Soundbytes – Part 1 (ep 71)

Jul 25, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 71 | Best of Events Podcasts Series, Part 1 | Episode Link URL – | Looking for the best of events podcasts that we have produced so far? We've got them for you right here, and we've pulled the most important parts of each out to dissect.
Events Marketing
Events Marketing
Best Events Podcasts, Check Out the Soundbytes - Part 1 (ep 71)

Instead of greatest hits, it’s best events podcasts!

We’ve produced more than 70 podcast episodes over the past couple of years, and while some of them are definitely better than others, our Events related episodes remain among the most popular that we have recorded.  We decided it was time to comb through them all and pull out a few to compile a best events podcasts series, and here’s the first installment.

Events and trade show marketing and logistics via mobile is also one of the major pillars for our mobile wallet marketing and advertising platform, – and it’s cannabis related cousin, – so we try to provide as much timely and accurate information for our customers and prospects as we can.

How do you know what makes a show or event great?  How can you maximize your revenue while setting up your marketing and ticket sales for your next conference, trade show or production?  What can you do to offer your vendors and sponsors incentive to buy bigger or better packages?

We’re looking at all these topics in sound byte form, and giving you quick and easy pointers to make your shows run better with less effort.

We have selected two of our most popular events podcasts –

Episode 32 – Trade Show Sponsorships – Why Someone Should Choose Your Show – is first, and we spent a lot of time in this episode detailing a variety of ways that events and trade show producers could leverage the power of mobile to convince vendors and sponsors to sign on, and more importantly, to increase their participation levels in specific ways.

Episode 46Using iBeacons at an Outdoor Event, What Really Worked – Hazel spent the day at an outdoor event with clients, and we did a complete breakdown of what went right, what didn’t go so well, and what a few of the unintended and unforeseen consequences and uses were on this particular install that involved multiple clients at the same outdoor venue.

In this best of events podcasts series we are hoping to introduce some of our newer listeners, and maybe some long time listeners who haven’t had a chance to check out the archives, the opportunity to get an overview of what’s available and point you in the right direction to find out more about how you can use mobile wallets for much more than just payments.


So grab your earbuds and get comfortable while you listen to the latest!