Mobile statistics offer you the opportunity to understand how you might connect with prospective customers.

Whether your business is online, brick and mortar, or a combination of the two, understanding mobile statistics and how they affect your bottom line is a very important part of running a successful operation today.

While different business types have differing needs when it comes to advertising and marketing, one thing is common to every business: mobile is taking over.  And mobile statistics are way more important to you than you may know.

Not all mobile statistics should be interpreted the same way.

In the latest episode of the podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, Hazel and Kim are going to walk you through the business of mobile statistics, and explain what is important to what type of business, and how you can understand what these stats mean to you.

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If you aren’t familiar with the wide variety of mobile ads and mobile marketing products that are available – as well as the ones that are compliant with GDPR and other privacy actions – then you should probably drop what you’re doing right now and listen to the podcast.

Mobile affects every facet of our lives, and smart business owners will take advantage of this fact.  Once you learn to differentiate your prospective customer from your neighbors’ prospect, then it’s much easier to design and deploy a campaign that will not only reward you with more sales leads and more opportunities to close, you’ll be able to spend your ad dollars in mobile much more efficiently.

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Unfortunately too many business owners have overlooked the power of mobile up to this point; the logical conclusion is that their business suffers because of it.  This is inevitable – whether you are running a restaurant, a retail store, an online coaching business, or even a gas station.

This podcast episode is designed to highlight the variety of mobile statistics that are available, and what they mean in terms of how you structure you mobile marketing and advertising.  Listen to the latest episode and understand how you can more successfully structure your campaigns, what to look for when deciding where and how to spend your mobile advertising dollars, and what type of success rate you should be looking for with your spends.

The podcast episode also closes with a look at using mobile to deploy and manage loyalty programs or points/rewards schemes – this is an added bonus for any business type.

So get ready, and listen up – you’ll learn more about mobile statistics and how they affect your bottom line than you ever wanted to know!