Bridging the gap between strategy and execution in mobile marketing is a critical step in making sure your campaigns are well designed and get the results you are looking for, without sacrificing quality for quantity.


Are you putting in the same work and seeing the same or even, worse results?

What is your plan to grow your business to be able to market to mobile?

Your competitors are already planning a mobile marketing strategy that delivers more cost effective and value driven campaigns.

[PODCAST: Episode 56 of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy- Bridging the gap between strategy and execution in mobile marketing]

In what ways to you rank and prioritize marketing projects, opportunities or BIG ideas in a way that makes the biggest impact for your business?

Its time to reprioritize your marketing efforts – as there’s a shift in the way to market – connect and communicate with customers, its through mobile.



Put your efforts into a mobile that will grow your business.


Believe that your business should be growing faster than it is. Create a true plan to get it that point.

The good news is that we’re about to tell you simple ways to plan and grow your business on mobile and bridge the strategy to execution gap in marketing.


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The shift to mobile is easy – big tech companies Apple, Google and Facebook have worked on this for years and years because they made the shift to mobile a couple of years now. The agony that they have makes easier for any company, like yours, to follow suit.


1.  Set up a mobile wallet pass

Design a mobile pass takes minimal effort. These passes are seen on iPhone’s Apple Wallet app or third-party app on Android devices.

Here are some examples of what a front of a mobile wallet pass looks like:


2. Set up the backside of the pass

The back of a mobile wallet pass allows you point prospect or clients to where you want them to be – direct them to your podcast, your blog or CTAs.




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3. Execution strategy towards mobile is to think about how and when you want to message your client base. These notifications can be sent by time or location.

Lock screen message appears on an iPhone:



This is an example of we launch a mobile update with our latest episode and inform our listeners right on the lock screen and with a slide it opens up. The back of the pass has a direct listen link to the podcast – which makes it easy to listen as more than 80% of podcast listeners use a mobile device. Find more examples of mobile updates by looking at our Twitter account.


[DOWNLOAD: Continue to work on messaging with our handy iBeacon planner]

4. How the heck do you get the passes distributed? 

Through the following methods:

On signage, in newsletters, emails, texts, social media. Apple’s Airdrop


Mobile wallet passes are already integrated to work on any channel that you apply it too. Mobile works and works incredibly well. Shifting to connect and communicate towards mobile is now.

Talk to us about strategy and executing campaigns that work on mobile.

Change your mind shift to mobile – you won’t be sorry.