Did you say you have no mobile marketing strategy?

What?  We are:

  1. Gobsmacked.
  2. Flabbergasted.
  3. Floored.
  4. Staggered.
  5. All of the above (HINT: This is the correct answer)

Is it denial?  Is it fear?  Is it sheer refusal to come into this century (much less this decade)?  Do you lack a basic understanding of how and why you need to have a clear mobile marketing strategy?

We are trying our best to make sense of a survey from Adobe and Econsultancy (Digital Intelligence Briefing: Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity) that was released a short time ago, which claims that nearly half (48%) of the people surveyed have no mobile marketing strategy for their business. 

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We came across this wild claim in our inbox this morning, detailed in a piece by MediaPost

It seems shocking, but 48% of companies and 46% of agencies participating in a study from Econsultancy, in partnership with Adobe Marketing Cloud released Friday, still don’t have a mobile advertising and marketing strategy.

Seriously, what kind of nonsense is this?  More than half the world surfs the web on their mobile device, and in some areas it is the ONLY accessibility that people have to the internet.   So what in the world would cause a business owner or manager to completely ignore this fact?

Here are a few other little tidbits from the survey:

  • 32% of companies and 43% of agencies say they have a strategy but it is not well defined.
  • 60% of companies that don’t have a mobile strategy also don’t know what percentage of their web traffic is mobile.
  • 61% of companies that don’t have a mobile strategy don’t know what types of devices their customers use.
  • Only 28% of companies can provide real time messaging

This leads us to conclude that it really is a sad state of affairs and it’s no wonder that businesses are struggling.

On the flip side, companies without a defined mobile marketing strategy are more likely to draw less than 10% of their ecommerce revenue from mobile channels, 34% vs. 20%.

Most companies and even more agencies realize they need a strategy. About 60% of companies and agencies in 2016 admit they will increase their investment, down from 62% in 2015, compared with decreasing at 2% and 3%, respectively.

If you are a business owner or manager and your company has not created a mobile marketing strategy yet, what is holding you back?  Why are you ignoring such a large (and potentially valuable) pool of prospects and customers who would be likely to interact with you via their mobile device?  

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Creating and implementing a sound mobile marketing strategy is absolutely one of the things that should be on the top of your TO DO list right now – if you’re not sure where you start, that’s understandable.

Do you go with your own app (WE HOPE NOT!) or do you look at online advertising campaigns directed at mobile?

Should you consider a mobile wallet promotion (OF COURSE!)?

You should also claim your business in Google Local and make sure your Facebook Business page is up to date, even if you don’t have a lot of likes or follows.

These are simple things that you can start on while you learn what will work best on mobile for achieving your objectives.   Set some simple goals and work on the follow through ASAP.

We’ve given you enough to get a head start on developing your own mobile marketing strategy, and offered a few ideas that should enable you to see success quickly in the process of designing and deploying your ideas.  If you need more inspiration, head over to MobileWalletMarketer.com and check out the case studies and other info on the site!