Mobile advertising works and here’s why –

It’s no secret that mobile advertising works.  Mobile ads are the key ingredient to reaching your target across a range of demographics, activities, important moments and at locations where context means the difference in making the sale or handing it over to a competitor.

Mobile has surpassed the desktop as the most popular search method.  In fact, 2016 was know as the year of mobile. Its time to spend your ad dollars in a cost effective way to the best results.

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Mobile is a powerful tool in any companies marketing and advertising arsenal, it’s the best way to reach your customers and prospects where they spend most of their time on their mobile device.

Response rates great, but the actions that your targets take are exactly the ones you want them to choose. Mobile ads work because you can change these to reflect updated marketing, new offers, etc at any time. 

People for one reason or another look at their lock screens over 80 times a day,  Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel had an article back in October of 2016 that detailed the incessant (and often compulsory) phone checking that people do – 

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Everyone is using their mobile device, all the time. It really doesn’t matter whether  someone is standing on the corner looking for a restaurant with great Lebanese food for lunch, or at home sitting on the couch doing a little second screen surfing while they’re watching Westworld or Modern Family.

Mobile is used to find anything and everything.

Not being on mobile is really not an option anymore.  If you’re not doing it, know your competition is and they are kicking your butt at the cash register.

Mobile wallet advertising, is specific to work with your location  website and offers. Reach your target market by simply informing them of the latest brand or product offers.

Since the mobile wallet leverages existing technology, it’s fairly painless for prospects or customers to stay engaged with your product or brand.

Literally, it’s as easy as filling out a form and attaching a couple of graphics that will be used in the ads.

For prospective customers, to get them onboard with a mobile-first experience, through email broadcasts using a customized URL or QR code, in store signage, share features on all the social media profiles, blog posts or by teaming up with complementary merchants or nearby businesses that have products that work well with what you’re selling.

A perfect example of how mobile advertising works even better with a little out of the box thinking –

One great example is a New Jersey group of merchants who set up proximity and location marketing using mobile wallet updates to cross sell between neighboring businesses – the wine merchant, for instance, had an iBeacon inside their store that triggered a suggestion to customers to visit the cheese shop around the corner, – if you brought your wine store receipt in same day, the cheese store would give you a discount on purchases, and they would help customers figure out what cheese would be paired with what wine. This worked in a kind of circle, since the cheese shop triggered an offer in their store for the bakery across the street, and those guys had one set up for the wine shop that produced an offer on the wine purchases.

This is a fantastic means to provide customer service at a basic level and to actually give the customer something of value for simply continuing to shop in the same local area, instead of heading over to the Safeway or other big grocery to make these purchases. Each of the merchants involved knew enough about the others product line that it was super convenient for someone to get the right wine, the right cheese and the right dessert or bread for a festive get together, or an every day meal with the family.

Don’t take our (written) word for how mobile advertising works!

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