Ho hum, summer is just around the corner again, what do your mobile ad campaigns look like?

We are great believers in timing your mobile ad campaigns – any ad campaigns, really – to what’s going on in the market (for the most part, some things are probably best left alone, like Brexit and laptop bans on airlines) for maximum impact.

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Summer is a great time of year (whether it’s northern hemisphere or southern, after all, who doesn’t like a shrimp on the barbie for New Years Eve?) to really resonate with your prospective customers, their friends, family and other referrals, and with former customers that haven’t done business with you lately.

The exuberance of summer lends itself to fabulous, lighthearted mobile ad campaigns.

Have a contest!  Run more than one!  Create a separate contest for your employees to get them into the spirit as well.

Think of summer as one long holiday (since it is for the kids, why shouldn’t it be for the adults) where people attend baseball games (cricket in the UK, I guess), drink beer and lemonade, and serve fantastic fruity concoctions to dinner guests for parties out the back, lit by fireflies and string lighting swaying gently in the breeze…

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Get everyone into the summer spirit and see how well they respond to your message – transition to cheerful, bright colors, bold styling (Memphis is making a comeback!), and of course, mid century/retro/vintage fonts combined with super saturated colors to create seriously stunning mobile ad campaigns that can be tied in to your omnichannel marketing efforts.

Summer time sales should be simple, and easy – making people feel good about their purchases!

The whole idea of summer (even in the “dry heat” of our home office in Phoenix) is a time to celebrate; what we’re celebrating isn’t always clear (although not breaking 110 degrees is generally a day worth celebrating once July starts), but the method that we do it remains simple and some what old fashioned.

Old fashioned marketing ideas?  Whatever do you mean, my dear?

Have an ice cream social, or open a lemonade stand in your business – treat your prospects, customers and referrals to something nice – and unexpected – in their day.  If you run a wine shop, do an impromptu Prosecco tasting (who doesn’t love Prosecco in the summer time!), and team up with your neighbors to provide some nibbles and stylish place settings, serving ware etc – cross marketing within your immediate area is a FANTASTIC way for you and your neighbors to all benefit from each others good fortune.

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Adopt an attitude of fun and friendly.  Spiff up the premises with bright colors, and make it a fun place for people to visit.  Most people these days are so glad to have a refuge that offers simple goodness and a bit of pampering, no matter what type of business you’re running.

Remember to keep it light, make it fun, and you’ll be surprised how well your customers will react to your mobile ad campaigns and in store or online follow up that incorporates the spirit of summer into the promo!