A well thought out loyalty program can be a boon to the bottom line.

In our latest podcast episode we are breaking down and detailing the specifics on how to get your loyalty program updated to the modern age.  This, of course, means adding a mobile element or transitioning to a mobile only platform in order to capitalize on available technology such as lock screen notifications, geofencing, and proximity alerts.

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If you’re not sure what any of those things are, don’t sweat it.  We walk you through the basics, make suggestions that can benefit even the smallest company using a loyalty program, and give you some good ideas to help expand your offering to see an even better ROI.

Understanding when to deliver messages and notifications doesn’t have to be tricky.

While it’s possible to really muck it up, for the most part, you have a captive audience; this audience is already inclined to receiving messages from you and has shown at least some interest in what you are selling.  Whether it’s a product or service, in person or online, this is an active user base and if you don’t message them as part of your loyalty program strategy then you are only hurting yourself and your business.

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In this podcast episode, Hazel walks us through the factors that should be considered when determining how to set up the mobile component of your loyalty program, whether not you should maintain an offline loyalty program and talks through ideas about where, when and how to craft a message that resonates with your loyalty program members.

Strong calls to action lead to increased engagement and interaction with your customer base.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the results that a well thought out loyalty program can bring, it may be hard to visualize the how and why of what the right way to craft a campaign, deliver your message and then capitalize on it from an ROI perspective may be; we understand that, and we spend the rest of this episode with real world examples that demonstrate the best way to organize your program and keep your customers and prospects excited about what you have to offer them.

No matter what your experience level with creating and deploying a loyalty program, you’re sure to find some new ideas about designing and managing a program that not only nets you more gross revenue and profits, but also dovetails with what your customer base is expecting to see from you in terms of engagement and interaction.

So grab your earbuds and listen to the latest episode right now!

[LISTEN: Mobile + Loyalty = Impressive Marketing Mix That Boosts Engagement – PODCAST EPISODE]