Live video has sprung up everywhere on social media with Periscope, Twitter and Facebook Live, live stream strategies are now part of any marketing efforts.

In social media sites like Facebook and Twitter its way to add your online coaching or influencer service as ads through the news feeds.

Its an effective way but its losing its charm as an influx of business coaches or influencers are using paid as to saturate the marketplace.

[PODCAST 18 We discuss in more detail how online coaches, life coach exec coaches make the most of a mobile wallet pass using push notifications, user and funnel segments and offer advice to engage with prospects and get referrals.]

The next tool in the tool chest that online coaches and influencers are using that its just started to catch on is using Facebook Live or Periscope for Business.

Its pretty easy to use, once logged into Facebook update your status and tap on the Go Live.

OR log into Periscope and a way you go. Followers interested in your or your topic will watch you and tell you how much they like it using an emoticon.

How do you inform your audience that your live?

Facebook and Periscope notifications are a way – informing your audience of when your live – without warning. but like other online tools, you’ll need traffic to go big and Facebook notifications may not be enough to reach your target audience.

News feeds saturation with online coach is becoming a real issue. – not all of your intended audience will see you just by informing them through Facebook.

It can be difficult to meet your ROI goals by just sticking one social media platform but using all social media to inform…mobile updates make it easy for online coaches to inform on the one platform that counts – mobile.

Engage using live stream strategies as its catching on like wildfire and as its still a new tool – streaming socially is easy but what is the ROI- if no one knows your there- if they just so happen to see you while scrolling through a newsfeed.

Engage using mobile updates. your audience is already engaged to their mobile device.

[MOBILE WALLET MARKETING MADE EASY – Podcast 39: Engaging using live stream strategies, as its catching on like wildfire and still a new tool]

Mobile wallet pass can send those notifications that Facebook and Periscope may not be able to reach. These mobile updates are seen right on the lock screen and carry great weight to them.

People look at their phone over 80 times a day – for one reason or another so you know these notifications are being seen.

Live streaming nowadays is amazing. Years back, I ran an affiliate network, where we lived streamed, it was a continual challenge to work on a desktop and barely worked on mobile it was exciting. Nowadays, its becoming as commonplace as messaging or posting to your favorite social site. The net is faster, mobile devices are faster.

Our packages for coaches include mobile updates that work for live stream strategies. A mobile wallet pass works and works well to deliver your content at the right time to your target audience.

Generate buzz and excitement about what your doing- now on social media using mobile updates.

If your live streaming, there’s a purpose – to remind your audience to buy your device or tool or product directly by adding it to a mobile wallet pass. 

Mobile updates are used drop a variety of messages to increase your ROI.