The 2016 US election is over!

It was a long night, even Clinton’s camp told everyone to go home.

The next morning, I woke up to my alarm radio going off  to Darth Vader’s theme song – with the DJ announcing that Trump is President.

I giggled and then thought – “Oh, its not a dream, he’s actually President!”

Congratulations to the victors and condolences to the defeated, may our new president find the wisdom to be the best he can and contribute to a healing environment and help repair the divisions that hurt us all – through cannabis.

As it was a great night for legalization of cannabis as voters approved the use of recreational marijuana in a few states, making it the first time that more than half the US states approve legalization of marijuana than not. 

Here’s a complete list of results of cannabis legalization by state:

STATE Recreational


California PASSED
Florida PASSED
Massachusetts PASSED
Montana PASSED
North Dakota PASSED

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In case you missed the tweet on @Cannabis_Wallet a simple breakdown of the election presidential and cannabis results:



Now What? 

This is just for starters of how each state will move forward with marijuana legislation:

California –

We all knew that Prop 64 would be passed to use marijuana recreationally in the Golden State. Many growers are in position to prepare growing for commercial use. It looks like 2018 will start to see dispensaries not ask for a MMJ card anymore. 

Florida –

Medical marijuana passed in the state, now you’ll start to see more happy seniors walking around Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There are many details to be worked out as the amendment is only 5 pages long. For the last year and a half, some municipalities throughout the major cities in Florida are already decriminalizing cannabis.

Maine – 

Passed with a close one percent margin for legal medical marijuana. Opponents in the state are requesting a recount of the ballots. We are still waiting on the results but its looking good for cannabis.

Massachusetts –

Passed Prop 4 to make marijuana recreational, licences to sell marijuana could go into effect as early as mid-December.

Montana –

After lobbying to uphold 2004 medical marijuana initiatives for another dozen years since originally passed, they are now back 

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Nevada –

Passed the initiative to sell it recreationally in the state with taxes reallocated towards education.

North Dakota –

It looks they’re waiting 90 days before implementing medical marijuana. Qualifying patients are covered with conditions under the compassionate care act.

Arizona –

No to Prop 205 for recreational use of marijuana. This conservative state came late to the party only receiving a prop number in August, fourmore years to try again @MarijuanaPolicy Learn more on Twitter with #AZMMJ

Thats the low down of legalization of cannabis. Once the Trump government takes control in 2017 we’ll see how cannabis stands in the states, if its even on his radar.