Cars are loaded with new technology that car dealers want to sell. There’s a seamless connectivity between the car and mobile phones. However, connectivity starts after acquisition, once the car is sold. Connect to the prospect’s phone using mobile wallet passes allow for integration between the two earlier in the sales cycle.

Mobile wallet marketing strategy is an effective way for car dealers to promote the latest deals to their customers mobile phone while standing on the showroom floor. We’ve recently been working with car dealerships or agents that market for dealers. We’ve seen what they’re doing and how they’re doing it — we’ve given suggestions for them to improve on they’re existing campaigns to do it better. We’re at the point where we want to share with you ways they’re using mobile wallet marketing.

A mobile wallet pass is stored in your prospects phone using Apple Wallet or Android’s third-party compatible app. These passes are branded to match the dealers other marketing collateral and can do some amazing things. If you’re a marketer for a dealership, take note at what these fun and fantastic passes can do.

  • Call – To – Action Links
  • Notifications on the Lockscreen
  • Latest Offers to Walk-Ins

There are simple to install onto your prospective clients phone.

Mobile wallet passes have links to your dealership, your call numbers and emails. Take in what I just wrote; a link to Maps and navigation that leads directly to your dealership.

[Tweet “It makes it hard for prospects to forget where you are located when its time to buy their next car.”]

We’re not the only ones to say so, John Possumato of discusses in his blogs how mobile wallets are used. “This represents a perfect blend….” Possumato speaks about using a mobile wallet marketing strategy

“…emerging technology enhances and promotes the pillars of relationship selling, and catapults it to a whole new level.”

Installing passes is simple, scan a QR code on all signage within the dealership letting your prospects know that it’ll go into the Apple Wallet. You want to inform prospect that these passes have dealership information on it and the pass is held inside Apple Wallet. – a trusted source.

Mobile wallet passes are great because they create leads right into your dealership using Apple Wallet technology. With the use of proximity triggers, push notifications – go right to where your prospect are looking, the lockscreen of their phone. For information on iBeacon technology, Possumato breaks it down and explains how it works-

“But while it’s rather difficult to get your dealership test-drive offer, loyalty card or even business card into your prospects’ physical wallets, it’s easier to send messages to their virtual wallets.” Possumato remarks the benefits using proximity triggers.

If your biggest competitor is across the street you can target those who have passes to remind them of your current offer and have them come across the way to look at your deals instead.

Dealerships are using mobile wallet passes to target their deals to prospects phone. You should be too!

Remember to be responsible with the messaging, as mobile wallet passes in the phones typically don’t get deleted – don’t give your prospects a reason to do it.

Right now our numbers show that 9 out of 10 users keep the pass on their phone and don’t delete it. Marketers – this is important to know because its another opportunity to change your offer to your new one with you target users seeing it.

Dealerships are using passes in various ways:

  • The latest deal or rebate – ex. $500 cash back
  • Specials on monthly services  – ex. 10% off oil change
  • Service reminders – ex. notify a reminder through the lock screen to schedule service
  • Financing options – ex. 1.29% financing with now money down

Other ways that mobile wallet marketing strategy is effective is by car dealerships promoting other branches of their dealership.

Are Trade-ins and used cars overloading a lot? Update the pass to inform a prospect of used cars that must be cleared out to make for new inventory. 

How to have prospect distribute the passes and install them? Find out how easy it is for dealerships to do in our latest podcast

By integrating them into your current marketing campaigns. Mobile wallet passes remain on the phone allowing to push your next offer to them. This is a direct line of communication to your prospects. Car signage is a good way to have clients scan the QR code to receive the pass.

Our commitment to you is to work with car dealerships to set up mobile wallet passes into their sales cycle. Using our experience to provide guidance when discussing:

  • What existing marketing methods are being used
  • Work with you to get the right message out to your prospects
  • Integration of installing passes using existing marketing methods

We set up the passes to target ads to the right demographics for the length of your sales cycle.

Mobile wallet marketing strategies in sales cycles will have car dealerships mobile-ready from the showroom floor through acquisition of the vehicle.