How Brand Ambassadors use tech-savvy mobile passes in their 2019 strategy.


It is not enough to just put the content out there, have it on your social media feeds with the hope that it’ll go viral – effectively sharing the brand’s message.


To build your target audience takes time, getting followers who are loyal to what you have to say  – is a build up organically, takes time. Its not how many followers you have but the quality of your audience, your loyal base  – those who are followers that turn to buyers — that convert – they are the ones you want to retain and keep them involved into learning more about your products and can share more intensive brand messaging.


As such, KPI identifies those who are loyal to the brand, to make it easier to break through the digital clutter.


A KPI that each brand ambassadors reaches is getting your brand message in front of your target audience. A customized mobile pass gives yourself the opportunity to be seen directly on the lock screen is prime location that stands out. 


[Tweet “A KPI that each brand ambassadors reaches is getting your brand message in front of your target audience.”]



Let’s face it, notifications with your name and brand that leverages your influence over your loyal base. Which turns into the amount of traffic that’s driven to the brand’s site.


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Engagement is higher with mobile passes as retention rate of 9 out of 10 users keep passes on their phone, making it easy for you, the ambassador to change up from one campaign to another.


These are a great KPI because you know your content is working and your brand amplified, making you an outstanding brand ambassador.


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These passes can provide education and benefit of each product or service that your representing. As an ambassador is not simply about immediate sale but your relationship to your audience. Similar to how real estate agents schmooze with their clients, moving forward, knowing its not about the sales but the relationship build up.


A mobile channel is part of the overall strategy for brand ambassadors.  It is a strategy that gives them an edge over others to effectively share content that provides KPI that can’t be beat.


We are always around to take a call to discuss how a mobile channel works with both brand ambassadors and influencers alike.