Marketing success is quite often accidental, but there is indeed a formula.

In conjunction with our new podcast episode, we analyzed a lot of customer data and came to some interesting conclusions.  Obviously finding patterns where marketing success or sales success are concerned is nothing new, and who among us did not learn the “5 Steps to a Sale” at some point in their tender lives on the road to that same marketing success?

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As things in the world of marketing, advertising, and sales have evolved, and as technology has become a more integrated – and integral – part of the overall process that leads to positive results, the formula gets adjusted, tweaked or otherwise altered to fit today’s marketplace.

#1 – Marketing success is driven by engagement these days.

In the podcast episode, we are discussing the ways that marketing success is driven by engagement, and how engagement is easily enhanced and extended through the use of simple yet sound technologies to help drive prospects into your funnel.

There are any number of ways you can actually connect with a prospect, but there are not that many ways available where you can connect AND you can control the action.

#2 – You must create reasons for the engagement.

People are lazy, they are not going to jump up and start chatting you up about giving you money, or email addresses, or taking your surveys, or whatever, just because they like you.  It really does not work that way, and it’s never going to work that way.

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You need a compelling story; one that rings authentic.  You don’t have to provide all the answers for the prospect, but you do need to get them in the mood to listen to your story.

#3 – Mobile is the answer to (most of) your prayers.

Marketing success can be fleeting, but one thing is for sure – if you are not using mobile as a large portion of your engagement process, you can be sure you won’t see success of any kind.  If you live in an urban area, hop on a public transit bus or commuter train – you will notice that nearly EVERY SINGLE person has their head buried in their mobile device and that is all they are watching.

You have to harness the power of mobile or else you are dead in the water.

#4 – Successful engagement requires personalization.

There’s a fine line in here between stalking and engaging, and right now the entire world is in an uproar over privacy, where privacy is going, whose information belongs to whom, and what are the requirements for handling that information in the face of ever changing rules and regulations imposed by various and sundry authorities.

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The safe bet at the moment is to be as much in the “opt-in” camp as humanly possible.  If you are actively getting permission from prospects to message them or engage with them, they your marketing success won’t be ripped from your hands if things like GDPR become more prevalent across the globe.

You do need at least a basic idea of where someone is, or what they might be doing at a given time, in order to personalize engagement attempts in at least a very broad or general way.  Again, mobile is your friend, since the geolocation or proximity triggers that are native to mobile phone OS can be manipulated to work in your favor while also satisfying the end users need for personalized attention.

#5 – Don’t forget to reward loyalty.

This is one of the most powerful features that mobile can bring to your marketing campaigns and advertising.  When you combine loyalty marketing with geo, proximity and time based messaging, you’re looking at the trifecta of successful marketing ingredients.

Incorporating your loyalty program into your mobile messaging system is a no brainer, yet so few people understand that it can be done cheaply and easily if you go the route of leveraging existing apps like Apple Wallet or Google Wallet (or Pay, or Android Pay, or whatever they are calling it today, it’s so hard to keep up) to manage and deliver your messages to prospects.

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