Word Press Word Camp SF 2014 #wcsf2014


I infiltrated Word Press Word Camp last week as I’m neither a developer nor a designer, but an actual day to day user of Word Press. Being in this industry you use many tools and Word Press for us, is one of our major tools. Not only do our sites use Word Press but our client’s site’s do. I’m fortunate enough to live in SF and make my way to many types of industry- tech shows and Word Camp, I thought would be one of those shows. From what I’ve seen, the discovery and sense of community for an open source software, made it one of my more recent happier shows that I’ve attended since I moved out to here. Some were there to sell, most were there to learn and network.

My attendance was to finally meet our developers in person and a curiosity of Word Press community that I found myself networking and talking shop just enough to get me into trouble. The sessions we’re informative and there are many invite only workshops going on the next couple of days after Word Camp.  The sessions included the same basic concepts that I see at every show such as: time management, design thoughts and project building. The speakers brought in for this touched base on other areas including accessibility options and the direction that its headed in.

Utilizing a small space at the Mission Convention Center by using two halls with a glorious outside area to enjoy was a nice measure for those over at Word Press. Its pleasurable setting was enjoyed by all having a jazz trio during our buffet lunch while we networked. Matt Mullenweg mentioned in his State of Word Press speech that they’ll be switching venues next year. Another testament to the growing share of the WordPress community and education have in the internet’s future.