Foot traffic is a terrific way to provide effective rise in loyalty members with promotions and campaigns that work the way people use their mobile devices when inside the store.

These offline promotions are expected when using devices – as thats the fun – which develops into a mobile experience and improving the shopper’s journey.

Mobile is outpaced the traditional marketing tactics as marketers themselves are shifting gears towards more mobile channels with increased budgets in hand.   The realization is that building a mobile presence, like an email one, provides results.


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Now is the time to realign your brands to provide a mobile shopping experience where consumer expectations are right on their device. Continually keeping with innovative strategies that reach those consumer expectations.

Its time to adapt to mobile strategies where consumer engagements meet expectations


As part of the shoppers journey there are a few expectations that consumers want to hear from your brand using technologies that are now becoming standard as lock screen messaging, product cards and reviews. 

Lock screen messaging uses proximity triggers w – this is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across at the right time and the right place – all on the lock screen.

Messages seen on the lock screen with one swipe and the mobile pass open directly to the promotion – its that simple to use.

Promotions on a pass, can be turned into a product card that consumers can use to shop for the best product that suits their needs, for the best price.

62% of mobile shoppers want to look at photos with product descriptions

To be informed, shopper’s take to their devices to read products reviews, ratings, compare prices which are all decision touch points along the shopper’s journey.

Brands take to developed shopper’s journey onto mobile by delivering on it.


Shopper’s journey is one that involved research. consumer’s who shop using mobile want to receive messages, product information and be informed on other product content as video or photo gallery


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To create opportunities on mobile for the shopper’s journey to have them return to you  wanting that  an experience –  that’s easy to do.


Turning them into loyal consumers with mobile that’s easy to do.


A mobile pass is customized to your business that’s easy to do

Getting in contact with us to start with consumer expectations that work with a mobile experience, that’s easy to do too.