Voice Search, the next frontier!

If you are a Trekkie than you may recall this line from Star Trek: Enterprise the captain ordered from the computer: “Computer, Earl Grey Tea, hot”


Instead of “computer,” The big tech companies names them Siri, Alexis, Cortana or Google that are leading the way with voice recognition. Marketing is changing and voice allows for more engagement to your device. Companies, SMBs, retailers all need to get with it. 

Garry Vaynerchuk is quoted saying:

I don’t think anybody who’s a major internet company can live without having a major voice strategy.

Voice search is the next opportunity to be engaged with your audience.

its just three short words…

that’s all it takes to open a mobile wallet pass to engage with a variety of options as opening a loyalty card to an 10% mobile walk-in promotion.

all it is – is three short words

and they are







Better still  it works will all voice platform and say these words and your pass app will open.

Ask Siri and Google to open wallet passes and the next you know Apple Wallet opens on the iPhone and a third party pass app opens from Android.


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There are more personalized ways to open a wallet pass.

A Cannabis Wallet pass can opened with customized words simply by saying: “open cannabis wallet pass”

To open a Kim Stuart pass even your digital business card can be opened through search as a “digital card” – one less word!

Voice search or voice marketing strategies have arrived. Many brands are just catching up to social media efforts yet using voice strategies is staying ahead of the curve.

JP Morgan seems to think so, as they hired Gary’s VaynerMedia to extend the digital strategy towards voice search by figuring out how to use voice to assist in a natural way of speaking.

Google released a statistic that one in five search queries are from voice.

The past holiday season, 1 in 4 shoppers used voice assistant in their shopping mobile experience. Think about 25% of those mobile devices used voice and the number is climbing.

Those of you with you a retail store that has a mobile loyalty pass – all you need to do is say to Siri is open loyalty pass as Apple Wallet automatically opens.


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According to Econsultancy research, mobile devices are used as personal assistants and top marketing search in the last couple of years and voice strategies fall into line as personal assistants.

The popularity of voice to device will increase as humans can speak 150 words per minutes versus 40 typed words per minute.

Its not only that with the latest driving laws that don’t allow for devices to be in hand its easier just to ask using voice as its a more accurate way of searching, thus more natural.


Speech recognition is growing at a large rate. When using a mobile wallet pass – all you need to do is as Siri to Open Wallet passes  and voila you are now a statistic.



Any SMB, retailer or Trekkie that is looking towards mobile to market are sure to use voice strategies, we can assist you.