A day in the life of a VIP Host.

How does a VIP host extend their reach to their client base?

You may think that a day in the life a VIP host starts at night, I know I thought that.

We’re going to discuss a day in the life of a vip host, what they go through to reach and engage with prospects and clients.

We’re focusing on VIP hosts, concierges, casino hosts and the like. It’s been awhile since we’ve produced an update for the segment of our clients – that has some case studies that include specific setups that other hosts and concierges have found to be successful.


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There are plenty of times to know that I like to be treated well when I go out, not only to dinners but when we hit nightclubs- I’m at the point in my life where I want to enjoy myself, not stand in lines waiting to get in.

I have come to the point where I have “ a guy” – my host.

My host takes care of me and my friends- gets me into nightclubs and I bypass the lines that I see happening down the side walk. That’s why I love having a VIP host.

When I started speaking to him about him, I thought that he must get up when the sun sets – ready to capture the nightlife.

Yet there’s a lot of responsibilities that clients, like myself do not see until he started telling me about his job, the things he does to get and keep good clients who appreciate his work.

One of the very first things he does is reach out – he’s always on the lookout for prospects. He wants to not only establish a relationship but must maintain one, he knows that by doing this, he’ll have repeat clients, like myself that use his services again and again. Not that – go out often but when I do I know who to contact.

As a VIP host, its his job to make the client feel special, be their liaison for your client, making it easier for them to do what they want and do it in an unobtrusive way.

Provide them with the best possible experience that will make them keep coming back to you. Make them feel that they’re receiving personal attention. – and thats what makes a good host – the kind that has a roster of high end clients spending money with him and the venues he represents.

Now – How does a mobile wallet pass fit in with this? Its really simple.


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