What does your video say about your app?

Often the video is the afterthought of app marketing, just toss a few screen shots together and maybe put in some narration or some corny background music (bow chicka bow wow anyone?) and you’re off to the races… or not.

The video is really a key to how well your app is perceived, and one video might not fit all sizes.  You’ll need a video for the app store, and having one professionally produced is worth the $500-600 that you’ll spend on it, no doubt.  Making sure there are clear shots of each feature in your app and what it does/how it works/how many cool things you can hit with one shot really gets a chance to shine in a well thought out video.

For your app store video, follow these steps:

  • List the five best features your app offers.  If you have more than five, then you can subhead the others under a main category.  Rank them in order of importance or strength of selling point. 
  • Find a professional producer and get references.  Anyone can say they know what they are doing, but it’s best to start the project with a reputable firm and finish on time and within budget.  It’s great that your cousin knows a guy who films weddings and makes videos, but does this fellow have the templates, knowledge or experience to create and edit a 45-60 second video for an app store?
  • Be involved in the process.  Initially, that may mean suggestions for a color palette, choosing a narrator from several options (Americans always love a Brit accent!), and determining what sort of transition effect will be included.  The initial version, and each revision, should be viewed by you and anyone you can get to watch; we’re often amazed at things we take for granted about a specific app is NOT something that others intuitively understand.
  • Be reasonable.  You’re going for a short demo of the fabulous features in your app, not trying to garner a cinematography Oscar.  Once it works, leave it alone and try it in the app store.

So we’ve covered the app store video.  Done with video?

Nope.  You should also consider making a short 30 second demo app that is minus the bells and whistles, fancy transition effects and background music.  Just a down and dirty, here’s what it is, here’s how it works, here’s why people are going to want to buy it.

This one is for reviewers, bloggers, other ‘behind the scenes’ types who have a very limited time and attention span and really don’t care if the narrator is you or Laurence Olivier.  They want you to make it easy for them to understand your point, see your app in action, and make a decision about downloading it and reviewing it for their readers.

Keeping the target demographic in mind is always one of the main points to getting results from your marketing efforts!