To be listed on AirBnB is not enough anymore when it comes time for vacation rentals properties to keep vacation-goers coming again.


They are your guests –  to keep them coming back to your property consider using a mobile marketing strategy, like many of your competitors already do with mobile updates. 

A mobile marketing strategy will improve your guest retention. Market to them during the off season with mobile updates on a mobile wallet pass installed inside Applet Wallet.

People look on their iPhones 150 times a day, send updates where people are looking – on their lock screen. Mobile wallet passes are a powerful way to connect with people.  Remind guests who have already stayed in your property with mobile updates.

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Remind guests who you are during the off-season with mobile wallet passes by engaging in offers. For instance, update a pass with a special off-season discount for making a return trip. Let them know you offer a “refer a friend” rate.  Even if they’re not interested in taking another trip, they may just know someone who is. Mobile wallet passes include a share feature to leverage more travelers to your vacation rental property.

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We’ve all heard this as a basic truth in business; “It costs five times more to acquire a new vacation-goer than to retain one.”  A mobile wallet pass hits a high retention rate of 90%, meaning 9 out of 10 pass holders keep their passes on their mobile phone long after their vacation. Continue to update guests after their stay by sending mobile updates right to their lock screen.

Reminding them to book for next year during the off season is easy when mobile wallet passes link to your property listings’ booking system.

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Do what your competitors are doing, market to them with the latest Apple technology on a mobile wallet pass. A pass is a central hub to retain guests and engage with them on the off season. Mobile updates using a mobile wallet passes is a mobile marketing strategy to keep returning guests to your vacation rental property.