Trade show troubles are inevitable – it comes with the territory.

If you are new to producing events, you may not really have a grasp of what types of trade show troubles you may encounter or how you can best get things back on track quickly and with a minimum of downtime.

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There are many types of trade show troubles and most of them arise from unexpected (or unintended) issues that revolve around venues, scheduling and sometimes forces that are out of your control (too many people for the venue is a very common occurrence) at the time they are happening.

Mobile can help alleviate your trade show troubles.

If you’re smart about your planning, and you include a mobile element, you’ll find that most of your problems can be offset by the use of mobile – specifically lock screen notifications.  Not only do lock screen notifications offer you a slew of marketing opportunities and promotional value adds, they also enable you with the chance to correct any missteps in near real time.

The most common trade show troubles:

  1. Problem with the venue – this could be too many people, a fire alarm goes off, the power goes out, that sort of thing.
  2. Problem with scheduling – a keynote speaker’s flight is delayed, traffic is terrible and everyone is late to arrive, etc.
  3. You need to move a speaker from one ballroom or meeting room to another, and you have to do it quickly.

All of these are relatively minor if you have a means and a method to making sure that your attendees, sponsors, vendors and volunteers or employees know what’s happening and where they should be heading to for the revised schedule or location.

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It’s not rocket science to produce a conference, trade show or other event, but it does take a lot of planning.  The more efficient and smarter you are with that planning, the more likely you are to pull off a successful event that attendees speak positively about, and can’t wait to get tickets to your next one.

When you’re checking off the boxes on your to-do list, make sure that using mobile to manage traffic flow, scheduling, promotions, and to provide a big value add for sponsors and vendors is on the top of your list.  Integrating the mobile aspect from the beginning is a smart move and one that pays dividends from the time you first announce your event all the way through to promoting your next one.


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