There are a range of marketing strategies for the tourism industry.

Promotion and strategic planning to a constant churn of new visitors takes savvy marketing skills to influence the buying decisions of travelers. Travelers certainly use company websites, social media pages and mobile wallet tourism passes to research and plan vacations.

Tourists take photos while on vacation, usually with their smartphone, so target your campaigns around their mobile phone. Mobile wallet marketing with a tourism pass is the most effective method of engagement and awareness of your business.

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Mobile-first campaigns creates opportunities to be seen right on travelers lock screen. Tourism passes in a mobile wallet can engage your target consumer using a variety of methods.

These passes have the ability to connect early – create a salutation message using a proximity trigger at airports, ports of call or local visitor centers to welcome your traveller when they arrive at their destination.

Remind your consumers of who you are during their vacation; this creates a valuable outreach when you want them to patronize your place of business and not your competitors.

Tourism operators are using mobile wallet passes to target their deals to their travelers phone. You should be too!

[Tweet “A tourism pass includes a handy QR code enabling your traveler to share your pass from phone to phone generating a chain effect.”]

We work with you to set up your tourism pass effectively for your business.  Using our experience, we will guide you through:

  • what marketing methods are being used
  • work with you to get the right message out to your consumers
  • integration of installing mobile wallet passes using existing marketing methods

If you market your business using postcard or brochures at hotels or visitor centers, its easy to add a “scan the QR code” feature to it. Having your prospective traveler install your pass on their phone allows you to message them directly to their lock screen.

Include a physical address on the back of your tourism pass so travelers can launch the Maps app with a single tap; your contact number and email are a tap away for your traveler to contact you in case there are any questions a traveler might want to ask.

A pass links to any online booking tool for travelers to book a reservation with one tap.

Listen to our tourism podcast Tourism,Travel & Seasonal Businesses Market #MobileFirst to find out more on how mobile wallet marketing work for your destination business.

Market your business with purpose. Mobile wallet pass integration allows you to effectively engage and communicate directly to your traveler. Consumer engagement is never-ending in the tourism industry. Choosing a mobile wallet tourism strategy will keep your business flourishing with a constant churn of new travelers at your door.