Toronto and Tech, Sidewalk Labs is changing the landscape…

…that Torontonians desperately need.

Its a few years since I lived in Toronto and there’s continually been a question is how to develop Toronto’s Waterfront.

Revitalizing Toronto’s waterfront is an infrastructure project thats always on the City’s list but not much is done about it.

South of the Gardner is Queen’s Quay with tons of condos without much else that even a big yellow duck – can’t cure. (in Toronto in the summer of 2017 it hosted an 8 -story duck that brought with it tourists, although we never did see it when looking for it)

With my many walks from Union Station to The Guvernment to watch some of my favorite bands, Duran Duran, David Bowie, The Ramones to name a few, I never did feel quite safe when passing by the proposed area now known as Quayside.

This is an amazing opportunity for Toronto and Sidewalk Labs to build a blueprint of an urbanized technology advanced neighborhood while bringing it with economic in social benefits in a previous underdeveloped area of the city.

Someone as myself, who understands business technology trends and Toronto being my hometown, I’m thrilled to how it will turn out. Sidewalk Labs is diving in with bringing with it Google technology that makes sense is making our lives more efficient.


a technological test bed for other communities around the world…” seen as “…the world’s first neighborhood built from the internet up.

Emily Badger, The NY Times



It further cements making mobile devices and vocal cues more valuable in the new Waterfront Toronto space, may turn out to communicate similar to science fiction as a Star Trek ship.



[Kim Told Us So: Facebook Messenger Now Receives Payments]


Its a pretty safe bet that Alphabet will bring most of its technologies that there working on in parallel, together.

Besides mobile and voice technology, Sidewalk Labs will be able to bring into the fold all of Alphabet’s other projects include security and driverless car, Waymo, in what it would look like as public transportation in a city that desperately needs it, all while being sustainable in its functions.

A new tech-friendly community or will it be its own eco-system, we’ll wait to see with anticipation.