One of the better marketing tools that we like to use at is the podcast.

In our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, we discuss how any industry can use mobile wallet passes as a mobile-first campaign incorporated into any marketing strategy. We find podcasts easy to produce and its a great way for clients to get to know us better than just reading our amazing and useful blogs.

I listen to podcasts when I’m on the go, especially in the car taking my son to and from school. One of the more popular categories I listen to is business and marketing for small business or entrepreneurs. Since its infancy marketing online (yes, before social media giants Facebook and Twitter) today’s marketing has changed. I stay current with new marketing trends by listening to podcasts while not being plastered to a screen, reading blogs.

“Podcasts make learning simple – just download the file, plug in your earphones, and go about your regularly scheduled life. Get a work out, cook dinner, walk the dog – and learn about something worthwhile at the same time.” – Murray Newlands

These are my top 7 podcasts for small businesses and young entrepreneurs that I listen to on a regular basis:

Beyond the To-Do List, hosted by Erik Fisher. This award-nominated podcast features secrets of productive people showing you who to complete good work and balance your life.

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The Tim Ferriss Show, hosted by Tim Ferriss. The author known for The Four-Hour Work Week features guests that love their life and make money doing it. He and his guests give life and work tips to give their perspective on what you meed to do to get your business off and running.

This is Your Life, hosted by Michael Hyatt. A public relations expert, he discusses advice and leadership when starting a business and how to lead an effective team. He tackles issues to help you be a great leader in your business to grow it to the next level

The Tommy Chong Podcast, Co-hosts Tommy Chong with his son Paris heard on, discusses his life as a cannabis advocate and cancer survivor. More of a personal podcast that I enjoy listening too. 

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Web Domination Podcast, hosted by Dan Norris. There are tons of useful info in his podcasts while he discusses insights of content marketing. He gives perspective on being able to recognize an opportunity when you see it, great for any entrepreneur.

Perpetual Traffic Podcast, Co-hosts Keith Krance, Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman. Paid traffic strategies are continually changing and this trio will tell you what to do and what not to do as they have developed proven strategies that they’re willing to share in their podcast taking the guess work out of it, for us.

Social Media Marketing Podcast hosted by Michael Stelzner. Discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing.

For me, podcast listening is an anytime, anywhere type of activity, I listen to these seven podcasts to boost my productivity and marketing skills. A podcast pass, like Tommy Chong’s thats installed in my mobile wallet, reminds me to listen as the latest episode pops up on my lock screen of my phone.