As it less than one month away from the US 2016 presidential election and advocates for legalization in a few states.

The push for legalization is huge. A few initiatives as California Prop 64 is expecting to take it recreational from medical marijuana. Most conservative states are keeping a watchful eye  on Arizona, with Prop 205 coming late to the party, its an uphill battle for this state going recreational. Yesterday, I saw a pro-cannabis TV commercial for Massachusetts Prop 4 to support a health way of life. One thing is certain after the elections; The cannabis industry is maturing, to market a cannabis business with a mobile strategy is moving your business forward.

Big business is setting its sights on the cannabis industry. Now is the time to position your cannabis business, to represent your cannabis brand to stay ahead of your competition.

This week in Herb, an article discussing ten business executives that are now making their way in the cannabis industry. These influencers know business and are passionate about their projects. They are expanding into edibles, hemp clothes, vapes, natural hemp skincare and they all use a mobile solution to market their cannabis businesses. 

[PODCAST 26: Top 3 Reasons to add a mobile strategy to your legal Cannabiz]

They bring with them business experience and know-how to market on mobile, knowing the best way to represent their brands and products. Go mobile with your cannabis business to stay ahead of your competition.

When planning out your cannabis business its important to engage with your users.

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When developing your cannabis business to a mobile strategy, ask these questions:

  • What is my cannabis business selling?
  • How should I position myself in the market after the election?
  • What marketing strategies will keep me ahead of your competition?
  • How do you represent my cannabis brand on mobile?



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Now is the time to figure out a mobile strategy that works to engage with your users. Here are three top reasons that mobile ads work:

  1. Mobile is the fastest way to reach your loyal users. Create a variety of mobile offers. Coupons, loyalty, membership cards, event tickets – its possible to design a program that incorporates features and tweak messages that users respond to.
  2. Engage further when and where you want! A mobile update can be location or context driven. When a loyal user is in range their mobile will tell them where you are.
  3. Mobile increases revenue. When you add mobile to your marketing strategy, sales, income and per person ticket sales increase. Spend less acquiring customers, they buy more and share features make it easy to refer from phone to phone or on any social media platform.

A developed mobile strategy engages with loyal users right where they are looking on their mobile phone. No matter the size of your cannabis business, mobile ads work. The upcoming elections will expand the marketplace, developing a mobile strategy is what we do at CannabisWallet, talk to us about moving forward in it.