Call us intuitive, call us genius, frankly you can call us whatever you want…  we don’t really care this time!  


I called it – back in August of 2014 – right here on this blog – Facebook Messenger will be a mobile wallet.

Here’s my original post about it –

And of course the past two weeks have been slight reveals, one after the other, until we have the actual situation sorted out.

Facebook already lets you send money to friends through its Messenger app, but it appears the social network has much loftier ambitions for financial transactions. The Information reports that Menlo Park is preparing to offer its chat app as another way to pay for things thanks to a feature for in-store purchases. Based on code for the iOS app, Facebook is working on a way for you to use Messenger to pay for goods in person. As The Information notes, this would put Zuckerberg & Co. in the mobile payments fray that includes Apple Pay, Android Pay and several others.

We pulled this article from Engadget – have a look at the original article if you like. 

We didn’t spend years in transaction processing to not be able to see this one coming from a mile away.