Last week I wrote a blog discussing who has the most traffic as the battle rages on between iOS and Android. Today I’d like to cover the marketing benefits that HTML5 has over native apps.

Although the battle within the app ecosystem to get discovered is a battle upon itself, another part of the ecosystem is marketing HTML5 apps without the benefits of an app store to be seen. However,  HTML5 apps offers a greater reach and advertising potential.

As a marketer, it’s a challenge to effectively market mobile apps and how to reach the user to make them aware of offers. Especially without the use of app stores to distribute your app and have it downloaded to your device.

Another challenge as a marketer is to do this effectively. Whether we’re tech savvy or not, we all know how to go to the app store to accept the terms to install an app. With HTML5 apps, the start of the user experience differs as you are required to click on a specific area with their browser to install the app to their device, something that non-tech users may not be aware of. That being said, an HTML5 apps offers a significant advantage when it comes to advertising because they are more easily accessible from a QR code.

The more traditional marketing channels, lends itself to easier to HTML5 apps by placing a QR code in a banner ad, print ads or billboards, a user links directly to the HTML5 app, enabling users easy accessibility of the app. The install is instantaneous, as opposed to an app store download, which is appealing for a marketing standpoint, its a definite advantage with HTML5 apps. The difference is that a QR code with native apps sends the user directly to the app store that needs to launch before the app is installed.

Another advantage for a marketer using HTML5 apps, is that it offers a broader reach than native apps, with users of feature phones and smartphones. It encourages international audience for their apps as feature phones still dominate in many markets. Sending a text message to the user with a direct link for the app to be launched is a definite advantage.

Increasing user experiences is a challenge for HTML5 app developers, as creating a rich experience is more of challenge than with native apps. There is a 75% drop off rate with apps after the first use. So while advertising to a user may be easier, marketers will be challenged to drive acquisition rate for HTML5 apps. Conversion to acquisition is more difficult than with native apps.

Overall, app stores are significant way for people to find and discover an app. HTML5 apps have the ability to be seen in more places providing advertising opportunities to it. As a marketer, the big advantage to having an HTML5 is that it there is more reach to more places, which makes it easier to advertise and essentially download the app. A QR code is a great way for those to obtain the app.