Today, the most effective marketing methods, engage and communicate right to mobile devices.  Every week on our podcast we go through these simple steps to building a mobile audience.

Attracting attention to your customer is done in amazing ways with mobile marketing that we go over in our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy.

Any business or brand is now looking for ways to get more eyes on your offer – right where your best prospects will see it.

There are easy ways to be seen on mobile, all without the expense of an app.  Once any business or brand build a a relationship, its simple to convert those leads to customers.

Engage with mobile has gotten easier over the last couple of years, if your still on the fence about mobile, whats stopping you??

Do any of these describe what happening to your marketing efforts right now?


  • Is the cost of paid ads increasing but engagement decreasing?
  • Is there a lot to shuffle through in a news feeds on social media platforms – that your message is getting lost?
  • Is the build it and they will come philosophy slipping through your fingers?
  • Your Brand is getting follows but the list isn’t growing the way it used too?


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If you are nodding to any of these, its time to look at mobile as the most effective way to build, engage and promote your brand or products.

With these simple steps to mobile using similar techniques as email to gain subscribers and then promote to them

With mobile wallet marketing, you’ll be able to simply define:

  • your marketing goals for the best results.
  • target your ideal audience where they are spending most of their time
  • promote mobile offers that are seen on the lock screen
  • drive traffic to where you want them
  • integrates with current marketing channels


When using mobile wallet marketing, you’ll find your product or brand will be well on their way to building your biggest asset, your own list.

You’ll be tapping into the latest Apple and Google technologies, without the cost or maintenance of an app because after all, your not in the app business.

So, when looking for next efforts in marketing, mobile will move your company or Brand forward by:

1 – Simple notifications seen right on the lock screen

Trigger notifications that are seen and don’t get lost in the shuffle of social media feeds

Loyal customers respond in a positive way when simple reinforcement is seen on mobile. Remember- we look at our phones over 50 times a day. Be sure to be one of those touch points or alerts that make clients look on their mobile device.

2 – Proximity marketing campaigns – when using mobile wallet marketing as part of you marketing strategy, its simply and easy to increase your chances of success.

Passerbys will take notice and then stop to see what promotion is under way with any alert.

3- Mobile offers – Traditional coupons are an amazing method to get clients to try your product.

Today mobile coupons have now taken over with the same simple strategies to capture your ideal audience. Once a coupon expires, its easy to convert into the next promotion, doing it over and over.


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4- Remember any mobile wallet pass has all your CTA links right on the back of the pass. 

Realtors find the impact as high as any billboard ad or direct mail campaigns that they use. Contact numbers, email address and using navigation triggers to open Google Maps for their next open house is mission critical to them.

These simple steps for a successful mobile strategy is broken down further in our podcasts, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, find an episode that interests you and take a listen. 

Take advantage of what other companies have done by using these marketing strategies means you don’t have to learn the hard way of what works or not.